10 Ways to Build Fierce Confidence


A confident woman is not born, she is made. Earlier today when visiting my mom she noted that I had a different kind of confidence than usual.  To my surprise I recognized it as soon as she said it because I recently let some things go, picked up some new habits, and fell in love with myself in ways I’ve only imagined. Most women imagine rocking fierce confidence, but so few of us actually do. Confidence is not only for the select few.  It is for all of us.  So, girls get to building with these 10 tips:

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1. Go Green
You are what you eat. So eat right. Eat as many fruits and veggies as possible. Adopt a green smoothie habit if necessary to get your nutrients in. Make water your new go-to drink. The healthier, cleaner, and rawer the food items are, the more energy you will feel. Confidence requires energy!

2. Set Up Mirror Dates
Yes. I said it. Mirror Dates. Set aside sometime for you to get in your birthday suit and tell yourself, “Hey honey I am so in love with you from your hair follicles all the way down to your toe nails. You are so gorgeous. So fierce. So fabulous. I can’t keep my eyes of you….” Caress, explore, and enjoy the fullness of yourself. Confidence requires self-acceptance.

3. Beat Your Face
Not literally! Get your face beat with make-up at a local cosmetics store, watch YouTube beauty vloggers for tips such as BeatFaceHoney, or try a new bold, lip color that stands out in a fierce way. Confidence requires risk taking.

4. Match Your Bras & Panties
Treat yourself to some funky patterned, colorful, and cute panties that match with bras that fit properly (do a bra fitting) and rock it daily even when you are lounging around the house. You will be amazed at how your underbody garments make you feel oh-so-fierce girl! Confidence requires undercover work too.


5. Hit the Town
Make plans to go out with your girls, man, or by yourself and put on the sexiest outfit you own! Pull out your Beyonce’ “freakum” dress if you will. Be fierce. Have fun. Let loose and enjoy yourself. Confidence requires playing hard just as much as it requires working hard.

6. Treat Your Tresses
Treat your hair to a new cut, color, or cute hair style. It doesn’t have to be as bold as dying your tresses pink or shaving a side of your head off. But, even a subtle hint of red highlights, Senegalese twists up in a bun, a new wavy wig, or even a new cut with bangs will add to your confidence in beautiful ways. Beyond style, make a commitment to make sure you are taking care of your natural hair to the fullest regardless of its style. Confidence requires head to toe beauty

7. Circular Date
Circular dating means that you go on dates with several men until or unless you commit to one who matches your criteria and will commit to you wholeheartedly. You only respond to men who come out you correctly and demonstrate time and effort while also allowing you to build up your confidence with and about the opposite sex and minimize your attachment for anyone until you find the most compatible one. Confidence requires exploration.

8. Go Hard in the Paint
Paint your toenails and finger nails in beautiful, vibrant colors that match your skin tone. Schedule a formal manicure and pedicure and let professionals work their magic unless you are already a pro. Try gel or shellac for a longer-lasting finish but bask in the ambiance of being a woman and being beautiful even in places that seem like they don’t matter. Confidence requires beauty.

9. Shake It Fast
Watch yourself now! Shake it fast in a fitness class like Zumba, or a line dance class, or in your bedroom mirror, or a belly dancing lesson or even on the dance floor at a spot in your area. Regardless of where it is use dance and movement as an opportunity to connect with your sensual side and get down! Have yourself a good time burning some calories and boosting your self-esteem. Confidence requires creativity and movement.

Confident Woman

10. Meditate On It
Imagine a sexier, fiercer, happier, and more confident you. What does she look like? How does she dress? How does she interact with others? With men? With family? How does she feel on the inside? How do other respond to her? What type of presence does she have when she enters a room? Confidence requires optimism.

Build Your Confidence


I'm Taria, founder & CEO of Regal Realness, and the author of the forthcoming book, Give Me That Glow: How to Ignite Your Confidence & Radiate with Purpose . I help women like you "OWN" their confidence, culture, beauty, purpose, and make their dreams come true! Do you want to glow? Ready to get made over? Interested in losing excess baggage and loving your life again? Then you need to rock with me girl! It's time you came into your OWN


    • Ms. Nix

      October 18, 2013 at 4:12 pm

      Ebony (hi lady)!!!
      I have heard men, on more than one ocassion, make that statement. It is nothing worse than having a woman that is unsure of herself. If she is unsure of herself, how can she be positive about anything concerning her man or her relationship…My male friends have been consistent about that.

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