Are More American Men Seeking Women Outside the U.S. for Marriage?


I had the pleasure of being a guest host on The Anthony and B-Fly online Radio Show broadcast via Blogtalk Radio.

During the course of the conversation one of the callers to the show mentioned that there is a real possibility that many american men have become disenchanted with American Women due to the feminism movement that they have turned their attention to finding a wife through mail order bride services.


This got me to thinking have we as a male society become intimidated by our women becoming more and more independent, more powerful?

Man has always been seen as the dominant figure of our culture but over the years (and yes in part by the feminist movement) Women in the United States have become a force to reckon with. In the seventies the song I am Woman – Hear Me Roar by Helen Reddy became the anthem of the feminist movement and women have been doing just that every since.

Instead of hearing their women roar most men were more inclined to subscribe to the credo you are woman now fix my dinner and scrub that kitchen floor. Ah yes there are probably men out there right now reminiscing about the good old days when it was thought that a woman’s place was in those rooms where men would expect the most production. Dare I say it? I’m going to say it… here it comes wait for it…….. The Kitchen and the Bedroom!

Backwards thinking maybe but there are those American men who feel this way.

They feel today’s American Woman has become too loud, too opinionated and are not just threatening but in many instances taking away jobs from men.

What Do These “Mad Men” Really Want?

Men are most at ease when they feel secure in their manhood. Having to face a strong independent woman presents a threat to his security as a male.

Men of this type want to dominate their women.

They are looking for a more docile female with very little professional or personal growth and ambition. They want their only goals to be in the role of a wife to serve them and become a mother to their children. They want a nice clean home to come back to and a wife with smiling face to greet them.

A good guess may be that they think by doing the mail order bride thing or as it is called now International Dating they will find such a woman. Interesting enough I could not find any real or current data on the success or failure of International Marriages.

 Here To Serve

Women from certain European and Asian countries are seen as subordinate. Their one desire is thought to be able to leave their male dominate, poor stricken countries and come here to the United States and serve another master.

If you put your faith in that philosophy I have a high priced lot on the southside of Chicago to sale you.

Hello Sucker

There’s a well known saying that goes “There’s a sucker born every minute” Add the quote from the famous W.C. Fields “Never give a sucker an even break”

You probably have the mission statement of the many online International Dating Services that have doubled since 1999.
Many of these women are so desperate to leave their poverty stricken lands they seek to meet and marry men born and living in the United States. Some of them do this for opportunities they believe await them as a woman in America. In other words they will even marry some egotistical narrow minded man who only wants a women that meets his subculture criteria.

You my friend may find that you are just part of the portal to make that dream of opportunity come true. That’s right you fell for the old okey doke.

I’m not going to take down the character of all the women in the United States based on the insecurities or bad experiences of some men. I’ll just say most of us can understand the pain you go through from a sour or bad relationship but you should not let that poison your mind against all women. Get counseling gain some closure if you can’t do that I’ll just say this: Enjoy the company of your right hand but if it starts to reject you maybe then you’ll realize the problem probably exists within.

Larry D. Miller has over 20 yrs. in the field of crisis intervention as a call center Supervisor for a national crisis hotline. Larry has authored a book titled "How to cheat and not get busted" is currently available at: and many online book retailers. Larry is not only a contributing writer for Ms Nix in the MIx he also generates his own blogs and facebook pages. Larry enjoys spending time with his family, writing, coaching baseball and playing golf.
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