Are You In Love With a Sociopath????

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Have you ever experienced love at first sight? Have you ever been swept off your feet? Have you ever had your clothes romanced off? Has anyone made you feel like time stopped for them to adore you? Have you ever felt your heart beat out of your chest? Well then, you’ve met a sociopath.

Unfortunately, we all know one… What I don’t wish on anyone is falling in love with one…

If you’ve felt like this relationship feels like it’s too good to be true? Then it probably is…

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In my experience, our initial interaction was wonderful. He sought me out; he expressed his desire to date and get to know me. When I finally gave in, he was nothing less than a gentleman, or at least it seemed…As our relationship progressed, I began to see little cracks in his stories. I began to see the “family man” that he claimed to be was an insecure boy unable to be responsible for his actions.

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As time progressed and the stories evolved, he thought he was a part of a secret assassin group recruited for the US Government. He went under the name “Able Assassin”; he’d say he’d be out of the country on secret missions… Come to find out they were so secret that no one else knew about them. He’d been married twice, and at the time he was still married but forgot to share that information, he said he wasn’t even aware-really? So you weren’t sure if you got a divorce, seriously? He’d fathered five children, three in marriage, and one by accident with a minor before his first marriage. The last known child was born out of his Ex’s mother’s wish of a grandchild… So he was there to fulfill her wishes but he signed off his rights’ to parent this child.

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I don’t judge anyone for having a bunch of kids, but I do ask that you be in the position emotionally, spiritually and financially to raise them. I mean by the time I’d heard everything it was easy to walk away from this circus act. He was always lying about one thing or another…

Please recognize the signs sooner than later, and remember go with your gut, that sixth sense is real!!! Here are some things to look for:

~Pathological lying
~Lack of remorse (guilt)
~Sexually promiscuous
~Short-term marital relationships
~Cunning and manipulative
~Superficial charm
~Grandiose estimation of self
~Easily bored
~Needs constant stimulation
~Failure to accept responsibility for their own actions (blames others)
~Lack of long term goals
~Not realistic/lives in fantasy

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Don’t beat yourself up when you realize you were fooled, even psychologists have been fooled. Sociopaths (psychopaths) tell stories that are convincing down to the detail and rarely have a grain of truth in them. Forearmed is forewarned, you have to decide that this is a downward spiral and you’re gonna do whatever it takes to get out! This task is not for the faint at heart! Be strong and get gone, no explanation necessary… You’ll be sucked right back in…

The DivorcedDiva

“Love Still Exist”

Happily divorced mother of one. I date when I find a worthy partner. I love to talk about relationships, work through problems with people and remind them of their options. I'm very open and willing to share all of my experiences to help others.


  1. Natalie

    April 29, 2013 at 2:26 pm

    As a life coach, I teach a class called “How to Spot a Dangerous Man”. The sociopathic man is one of them as well as 7 others that come along and can cause damage to you emotionally, financially, spiritually, sexually and physically. Too many women do not know the warning signs and fall prey. Unfortunately, these men are good at the con game and our only defense against them is knowledge and awareness. My website is I do not have a class going on now, but feel free to leave a comment expressing the desire for the information. If you have a group of women who are interested I can come a teach you about the 8 type of men you want to avoid like the plaque!!

    • Ms. Nix

      April 29, 2013 at 4:16 pm

      I think it is very important for women/men to know the signs and to do what they need to do to protect themselves sociopaths…

      • Natalie

        April 29, 2013 at 7:36 pm

        I agree. They are prevalent then people think. I also teach a dangerous women class for men! Crazy-Evil knows no gender :)

        • Ms. Nix

          April 29, 2013 at 10:20 pm

          You are right crazy does not discriminate. It transcends all barriers. Women and men need to know what signs to look for and how to defuse a situation before it gets out of hand.

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