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Kamryn Adams is a lifestyle writer, author and expert in contemporary women’s issues. She offers clever insight and lends creative solutions to family, friendship and relationship dilemmas that affect the emotional well-being and daily lives of women. As a writer, Kamryn has contributed to a number of print and online media outlets: Traveling Mom, Working Mother, Recognize Magazine, Executive 50 Magazine and others. Her expert opinion has appeared in MSN Lifestyle, The New York Times, Working Mother Magazine, The Cincinnati Enquirer and more. In addition to her freelance work, she also hosts a life issues blog, “The Chocolate MYLF: Mother You Love To Follow”, and a relationship advice blog, “Main Chick Monologues”. Kamryn is an author whose novels align with her experience as an emotional wellness advocate for women. Her debut novel, “Par for the Curse” (2009) was awarded at the New York Book Festival, Baltimore Book Festival and considered for an NAACP Image Award in literature. Most recently she released “When the Butterfly Falls” (2013), a story that examines the complexity of infidelity, closed adoption, and blended families. Kamryn understands how to examine an issue in a way that will allow the reader to be engaged, enlightened, and still entertained by difficult or uncomfortable topics. With authenticity and charismatic wit, Kamryn continues to build an audience via her podcasting, blogs, social media interaction, and novels.