Bitter Woman’s Day

father's day card for momFather’s Day has just passed and I cannot help but cringe at the  inappropriate and downright bitter posts that have flooded my timeline wishing single mothers a happy Father’s Day. All I can do is shake my head because it’s a childish, passive-aggressive way to say “my (or my child’s) father ain’t sh*t.”

Is that even necessary?

What purpose does it serve to have women showboat, take credit for, and steal the spotlight from men? Father’s Day is a day to celebrate love and it sets a very poor example to make attempts to put a man down by boosting a woman’s ego, further perpetuating the breakdown of the family unit.

I’m the product of a single-parent household and, although my mother is absolutely, positively, one million percent amazing and played the role of primary caregiver, I will not be wishing her a happy Father’s Day. Why? Because she is my mother and NOT my father. Besides, I celebrated my mother on Mother’s Day. Instead, I will be spending Father’s Day with and celebrating my dad.

So do us all a favor and spare us your angry rants and statuses on social media praising women on a day that was NEVER slated for them and instead project positivity by celebrating the men who are doing their part. I also encourage ladies to lead by example by not accepting any Father’s Day wishes, cards or gifts from friends, family, and etc.

It’s Father’s Day, NOT Bitter Woman’s Day. So if you are harboring resentment, bitterness, sadness, or anger towards your or your child(ren)’s father, write it down in your personal journal that is only accessible to you and take the proper, professional steps to heal and forgive. Life is about choices, so choose love by not putting down the other parent and let the men have their day!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers and father figures past and present! May you have a wonderful and blessed day!


And that’s my five cents




Miss Marie

The NON-Expert Dater

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Do you wish single mothers a Happy Father’s Day? Do you wish single fathers a Happy Mother’s Day? Why or why not?

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