Love, Limelight, & Wedding Cake: Ciara & Future’s Engagement No Secret

Future gave Ciara the ultimate surprise by popping the question on her 28th birthday. Black love is beyond beautiful. I, for one, am elated every time I see young, successful couples making their commitments official. I felt the same about Big Sean and his fiancé Naya Rivera announcing their engagement some weeks ago.

In a time where most singers and rappers make their living off songs of sex and scandal, it’s refreshing to see them pursuing a life of love and affection with one they consider an equal. Without a doubt, Ciara and Future have the potential to be a power couple in Hollywood and beyond, but this begs the question, are they the new Jay and Bey?

Not likely.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z live in a league of their own. What they have has never and, I believe, will never be duplicated by another duo. I’ve always admired how they would protect their relationship and boldly deny their involvement. Apparently, what they have is worth keeping between each other. Sure looks like keeping your business out the street paid off for these two. In my opinion the Jay & Bey Formula was built on a foundation of love, respect, and extreme work ethic. I believe a lot of newly engaged couples, especially those in the industry, could learn a lesson or six from The Carters.

What I imagine for Future and Ciara is they could be crafting a lane of their own. I have been reading for a few months about how much in love the couple appears to be. This kind of openness could be a new trend. Maybe they can take a side-step from The Carter Method and build an open and growing foundation right out in the public, minus the Kimye frenzy.

On a fashionable note, I’m eager to see how fabulous their wedding will be. Ciara has transformed into quite the socialite and her sense of style is sick! I enjoy seeing her more on front rows of fashion week than center stage of her live performances. One can only imagine how she transforms her authentic style into bridal couture. Imagine the eyegasms! Future is a lucky man, and I’m sure he knows it!

Congratulations and many well-wishes to the couple.


Chillary Banks


Jocelyn Renee (aka Chillary Banks) is a no-nonsense ego blogger currently splitting her time between Atlanta and Detroit. Her blog, is a hodgepodge of everything awesome with a side of slander. When she’s not chipping away at her entrepreneurial goals you can find her nursing a mild addiction to gummy bears. Follow her on Twitter @PrissyJP.
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