The Damnation of Masturbation

Masturbation is the most common sexual act but it’s rarely discussed. Masturbation is the safest form of sex and much safer than a one night stand. The only time masturbation isn’t safe is when people decide to experiment with objects like kitchen utensils and vacuum cleaners. A lot of people masturbate but no one wants to talk about it. It’s a hidden little secret. According to a study, 92% of men and 62% of women masturbate. Self pleasure is very common these days, but it wasn’t always accepted.

In the Middle Ages, masturbation was deemed as a mortal sin and people were convinced to believe that it would lead to eternal damnation. In the Victorian Era masturbation was described by some as “self-abuse” and was portrayed as having harmful effects. Newspapers would run ads promoting metal clamps and rings for men to help rid of any unwanted desires. This type of ring was called the Penile Pricking Ring. It was an adjustable, expandable metal ring that slipped onto the penis at bedtime. If the man’s penis began to become erect, it would force the ring to open wider and expose metal spikes. Ouch! Also advertised in the newspapers were pills and even male chastity belts.

To give you an idea on how some people felt about masturbation and how they would try to deter people from doing it, here is something from a medical text in 1903. (book unknown)

           “Teach your boy that when he handles or excites the sexual organs all parts of the body suffer. This is why it’s called self-abuse. The sin is terrible, and is in fact, worse than lying or stealing. For, although these are wicked and will ruin the soul, self-abuse will ruin both soul and body. This loathsome habit lays the foundation for consumption, paralysis, and heart disease. It makes many boys lose their minds; others when grown, commit suicide.”

Some other so called “side effects” they claimed would happen was loss of memory, loss of hopefulness, loss of cheerfulness and loss of character.

Thankfully today, these ancient scare tactics no longer exist, otherwise we would all be walking around with chastity belts and Penile Pricking rings!

Masturbation is a natural reliever. Studies have shown that in women it helps to relieve menstrual cramps, crankiness, irritability, and can relieve headaches. The next time you’re invited to a toy party, treat yourself to a bullet, a pair of vibrating panties, or a jelly vibe.

Harmonee Holmes is freelance writer originally from Baltimore, MD. Harmonee grew up in small town Halifax, North Carolina and attended Shaw University and Strayer University in Raleigh, NC, She began her passion for writing 10 years ago by blogging and writing short stories, while residing in Chicago, IL. Most of her writing is inspired by her own personal past experiences in relationships and she also likes to discuss current events and politics in the news.She will often sometimes just be creative with a fictional short story. Harmonee is an Insurance Counselor and part-time writer currently residing in Baltimore, MD. IG:@cocopuff319 Twitter: @harmoneeholmes Website:
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