Death To Valentine’s Day

It’s that time again. That dreadful day in February is almost here. Red and pink roses, hearts and balloons, cards and chocolate candies are looming in every store that you walk in. A single person’s most dreaded day of the year, February 14th….Valentine’s Day.

Oh yes, love is in the air. The problem is, love doesn’t live here. You’re single yet AGAIN for Valentine’s Day. The only thing that you want to do is take cupid’s little bow and arrow and shoot him in his bare plump butt. Your friends are going out looking for red dresses or either going out to find the perfect gift. Everyone is preparing for that special February 14th dinner with their mates. Meanwhile, YOU are trying to figure out how to get Valentine’s Day taken off the calendar. You’re screaming death to Valentine’s Day in your mind.

death to cupidYour friends who usually want to ask you for your advice on what to wear for their evening of romance. Instead, they avoid you like the plague because they know you are alone and don’t want to go through the awkwardness of the conversation. Well, you are not alone. I also wish death to Valentine’s Day. Call it being bitter, call it hating, call it whatever you want. Truth of the matter is Valentine’s Day sucks when you’re single.

You try to pretend like it doesn’t phase you at all, but it does. Who wouldn’t want to spend a nice romantic evening with a significant other? If circumstances were different would I have the same feelings? Probably not. However until love finds it’s way over here, my feelings will remain the same.

No need to get depressed on this Hallmark holiday. What’s wrong with having your own Valentine’s Day celebration? Grab some other singles and go out and have your own “cupid sucks” dinner party and have a great time. If you’re not up to going out, go purchase a few bottles of nice wine and have a cocktail party at home with some single friends. Hey, you can even get dressed up too.

Maybe next year will be our year to celebrate the day of love. Until that day comes it’s death to Valentine’s Day!

Harmonee Holmes is freelance writer originally from Baltimore, MD. Harmonee grew up in small town Halifax, North Carolina and attended Shaw University and Strayer University in Raleigh, NC, She began her passion for writing 10 years ago by blogging and writing short stories, while residing in Chicago, IL. Most of her writing is inspired by her own personal past experiences in relationships and she also likes to discuss current events and politics in the news.She will often sometimes just be creative with a fictional short story. Harmonee is an Insurance Counselor and part-time writer currently residing in Baltimore, MD. IG:@cocopuff319 Twitter: @harmoneeholmes Website:
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