This one is dedicated to the guys. I haven’t done this often, but I guess its time I try something different. Fellas here is a little known fact that I’m sure you discovered about women sometime ago; they’re extremely difficult. Although, this is true you guys aren’t any better. In preparation for this piece I wanted to give you the 1, 2, 3’s and ABC’s of women, but being that all women are different I found a way to narrow it down for you. As a straight male it might be somewhat of a challenge to understand the female sex, but me being the gay bestie I’m fortunate enough to bond with her in an unconditional and uncensored way. For example, I can say, “Yes, you look fat in those jeans” and no you can’t do the same. Your job is to be honest and loving. I encourage try something like, “Babe you look good in those jeans, but you know I love it when you wear that sexy dress.” Right there you’re gentle on her ego and still complimenting her.


Men and women communicate from opposite sides of the spectrum. My father set the perfect example for a man. He’s the type of guy who thrives on providing for his family. The traditional bringing home the bacon and securing the household was his fulfillment. Women on the other hand are little more needy. Sorry ladies I had to say it. Women want it all. They want to feel, hear, and see your love. Women have always been the multi-taskers and expect men to do the same. Men aren’t always so talented at juggling everything at once. You guys prefer to give your entire attention to one thing at a time and I’m not knocking you for that. The best way to find the balance with her is to understand how she desires to be loved. Believe it or not providing isn’t enough.


She wants to feel special and devoted to. You don’t have to ball on her like society makes it seem she wants. When all is said and done she simply wants your commitment and attention. That’s what truly gives her the security in knowing the kind of man she’s with. Sometimes you’re going to actually have say things like, “You’re beautiful. I love your hair. You smell amazing. I love you.” All that is reassurance that she’s something special to you. She want’s you to see her for who she is. Women have a funny thing of comparing themselves to other women, so hearing compliments like the ones mentioned give her that extra boost she needs.


No worries guys I’m here to help you win too, but you better  do my girls right!

Below are some actual quotes from women on a few social networks when asked, “What’s one thing you want men to know?”


1 Says: Consistency is key! And it’s soooo simple to maintain (in my opinion). Also what they do to get us they have to do that and more to keep us.


2 Says: Not all pretty girls are gold diggers and humor goes a long way.


3 Says: See and love me for who I am.


4 Says: Women need compassion. We want to know you care


5 Says: Don’t give up on me.


6 Says: Tell me the truth. Holding anything back is only going to make the situation worse. Allow me to make the decision on the matter, before you try and make it for me.


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