Get Creative: Five Things You May Not Be Doing to Boost Blog Traffic

Starting a blog is an awesome combo of creativity, individuality, and so much coding and design that it makes your brain hurt. It gets even harder when your end-game is to make a blog that has lots of visitors and will eventually lead to you making money. Here are the vegetables, in order to make money you need to have a large number of visitors each day. The dessert, we are here to help you do just that by giving you some little-known steps proven to make that visitor graph you check every hour skyrocket!



Social Media Posts: Posting links and snippets of your content isn’t enough.

Step 1: For social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, be sure to join groups that you think will benefit from your content. Post relevant content within these groups or else your post will become those coupon sheets you throw away after checking your mail, garbage.

Step 2: Reference and tag industry leaders within your posts when you can, just be sure that your references flow with the rhythm of your posts. These leaders typically have many followers and if liked, they may share your post with these followers. Importantly, never tag a leader asking for something in return. Remember the coupons? Simply mention your post and the fact that they are mentioned within it. This method of tagging can lead to industry leaders following you and the referral of their followers to your blog.

Each Fan is Your Only Fan  Screaming Fan

Treat each new subscriber to your blog as if they are your only subscriber. Subscribers to blogs are similar to entertainment fans in which personalizing messages and mentioning subscribers by name goes a long way. Once an individual subscribes to your blog, quickly send them a personalized “Thank You” message in appreciation for them subscribing.

**A quick note.** Personalizing doesn’t always mean writing a new message for each subscriber. You can have a pre-written message on hand, as long as you have the ability to add each new subscriber’s unique information (such as name and any other relevant information they offer). Be sure to ask new subscribers to engage with you by offering topic ideas, commenting on posts, etc. within the message.

Optimize Your Indexing

optimize your indexing


This title sounds complex but the concept is simple. Organize your content by topic, not by date. A common mistake that bloggers make is organizing their content by date. This makes it harder for visitors to find the content they seek because they have to dig through a heap of content they don’t want. The fact is that when people search for information, rarely do they search for the date in which the information was posted. Take Amazon for example, most people search for a product by name rather than by the date in which the product was listed.






Short Videosshort videos

The second largest search engine under Google is YouTube. Creating a YouTube channel will give you the ability to draw more visitors to your site by giving audiences another medium to view your content and by making it easier for search engines to find you! For a more professional look you can use Vimeo and link your video accounts together.

Get Creative 

We met an individual who told us that when he first started his blog, he would go into cellphone and computer stores and make his blog the “Home” site for all of the devices! The face you are currently making is the same one we made when we heard this too. Glad we are not alone. OK, so this is an extreme example and it worked for him but creativity does pay off. Always look for new ways to attract your visitors and own it. You may find that your new methods give you a great edge.

Be sure to follow these tips to attract new visitors to your blog and to maintain the visitors you currently have. To submit questions or topics for Trenchworks to talk about  send us a message at or our Facebook page. For information on how to make your website reach its full potential visit

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  1. Sid Silhouette

    February 5, 2014 at 2:10 pm

    Really good tips. Especially the one on ‘Optimize for Indexing’. I see a lot of writers not optimizing their titles for people to find their well written articles on the Internet.

    • Ms. Nix

      February 5, 2014 at 2:46 pm

      I am very guilty of that and to be honest, it took some time for me to get into the practice of optimization. Even now, I still find myself letting some stuff slip through. It’s important to create a routine for success!

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