Hell hath no fury like a MAN scorned


Everyone knows the famous saying, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. That may indeed be accurate, however I’ve found out that a MAN scorned is ten times worse than any woman scorned. They may not want to admit it, but a man that has been dumped by a woman or has experienced infidelity can’t handle the pain. Some men that have been treated wrong in a relationship,will totally shut down and shut out every woman that comes along in their life because they think every woman is going to be like his last. It’s pretty much like he’s scorned forever.

I was dating a guy that had great potential in becoming a long-term mate. However, he started to think I was out to get him and would just leave him in the long run like his ex-girlfriend. I tried to convince him that everyone is not the same and that it’s not fair to put all women into the same category. He eventually started to “female bash” and go on and on about how all women are the same. At that point, I knew our relationship would only be a platonic friendship. I actually felt sorry for him because I knew that anger he was expressing was actually hurt and pain.

This raises the question, are some women the cause of the decline of finding a good man? Let’s keep it totally real. There’s a lot of women that have motives to obtain a man not for love, but for money. These types of women are the ones that somehow always end up with the men they don’t deserve.

There are many examples that make some good men turn bitter. For one, using the man for money to pay bills,with no intentions of ever being in a serious committed relationship. Leaving a man when he loses his job because they know they can no longer get those pair of Christian Louboutin shoes if he’s on unemployment, or having an affair. These are just a few examples.

Selfish acts by some women have left many men scorned to the point they are not going to put their hearts on the line anymore. Once he feels played, it’s a major affect on the man’s ego. So in order to build up the ego again, he may go out find a nice lady and do the same thing to the nice young lady that was done to him. It’s a vicious cycle. On the flip side, yes some men do the same thing to some women, but that’s a separate article.

So the next time you meet a man that may seem very defensive and guarded or not willing to commit, he may not have always been that way. He just may be a man scorned.

Harmonee Holmes is freelance writer originally from Baltimore, MD. Harmonee grew up in small town Halifax, North Carolina and attended Shaw University and Strayer University in Raleigh, NC, She began her passion for writing 10 years ago by blogging and writing short stories, while residing in Chicago, IL. Most of her writing is inspired by her own personal past experiences in relationships and she also likes to discuss current events and politics in the news.She will often sometimes just be creative with a fictional short story. Harmonee is an Insurance Counselor and part-time writer currently residing in Baltimore, MD. IG:@cocopuff319 Twitter: @harmoneeholmes Website: www.harmoneeholmes.com
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