So here we are once again. Broken up with another one. But we all have needs right?

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Men and women have sexual needs.. So what’s wrong with getting a little somethin somethin from my Ex? He is my Ex, right? It’s not like I still want to be with him, so what’s the big deal? So when is enough actually enough? Why must we constantly SETTLE for all the shit left behind??? When do we say, I’ll just keep my pants on and wait? Is waiting so bad? Don’t good things come to those who wait?

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Well we think of sex in our society like getting a drink of water. Everyone does it, everyone needs it. Not many really put “sex” in a category of “sacred” anymore. Now you can have sex with anyone you meet on the street and since you’re not in a relationship, you should walk away from this encounter as if it was a casual wave of the hand. Well I think we’re worse than those that shared “free love” in the late 60’s and 70’s. At least they called it “love” and it was supposed to be “free”. Today we are sharing it all around, all over, everywhere, with our best friends (male and female), with children, with the more mature, hell, we’ll share it with anyone who wants it at this point!!! And yes I said children because that is a subject matter that is considered “taboo” yet our society accepts it. We had R. Kelly, we have older men that are filthy rich who are allowed to marry and have sex with young girls that aren’t even of consenting age, yet it’s okay because she will be “taken care” of for the rest of her life.

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The last time I checked that was just plush prostitution, right? We’ve got female school teachers having babies with babies they’re paid to teach, and when I say teach, I didn’t send my son to the School of “Fellatio” When do we begin to create new habits? When is that sex with the Ex not enough? Don’t feel bad, we’ve all had at least one walk of shame, even if we don’t talk about it, believe me, you’re not alone. Been there done that, and guess what I was disgusted and couldn’t even get into it because while I laid there, I remembered why I didn’t even like him anymore, why I didn’t want to kiss him, caress him or talk to him.. So why was I here again??? I said no more, no physical pleasure is worth more than my emotional freedom, and who wants to be bound to someone they don’t like? Cause sexual intertwining of spirits is REAL! I want my Ex completely out of my life otherwise the man that is supposed to be in my life cannot enter, there’s no room and this sex bond is blocking his way! So for me, I’m gonna keep my panties on, legs crossed and phone off until I meet that one that’s gonna do more that BLOW my wig back or knock my socks off, the one I’m waiting on is gonna BLOW MY MIND and CHERISH my HEART!!!

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Tell me what you think, what would you advise based on your own experiences with your “EX”?


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