Hot Topic Tuesday: Dating Outside Our Race (Interracial Dating)

interracial dating

Why are we as black women so stigmatized by interracial dating? Not all of us but many…

interracial datingWhat is race anyway, why does it hold us hostage? Why are we bound to be with one of our “own?”

interracial datinginterracial dating

Isn’t that just like being a racist? I’m saying that today there are no pure breeds of people. We all have something or other mixed into our DNA! So can we release ourselves from this bondage? Can we move on from our past, can we forgive our fellow brothers and their failures, all that they did not live up to, their lack of support, the lack of their physical/mental/emotional presence??? Can you take the shackles off and open a new door to your future? Can you walk into your future?

The DivorcedDiva

“Love Still Exist”

Interracial Dating

interracial datinginterracial datinginterracial datinginterracial dating

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Happily divorced mother of one. I date when I find a worthy partner. I love to talk about relationships, work through problems with people and remind them of their options. I'm very open and willing to share all of my experiences to help others.
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