Hot Topic Tuesday: It’s Not Fair!!!

it s not fair

“Yep, he tried it!” as Ms. Tamar would say! He cheated, lied about it, took you for granted and lied some more… You never got any concrete evidence but you knew it in your gut…

So you talk to a longtime family friend and she confesses that she cheated on her husband, and you’re just listening and taking in the information… Low and behold, who was she sleeping with??? You got it-your boyfriend! But wait a minute, she had no idea you two were together cause you haven’t seen her in years!


So as your conversation continues both of you start peeling back the layers, connecting the dots and undoing all his lies… As you piece things together you realize there were many other women, and they were all in your same circles… So after you feel dumb for being used, you decided that all this information is far too valuable to sit on! Plus, if someone would’ve given you the skinny before you started dating him you would’ve ran in the opposite direction!

So after gathering more pertinent information, names, dates, places, times, and pictures (yes pictures) you begin your campaign…


First you send out mass messages on all social media sites-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and
You send out his picture with a message that reads:

“WARNING!!!!!!! BEWARE!!!!
Be AWARE of this individual
DeeDee Baskerville a.k.a. The Able Assassin.  He believes he is employed by the United States government as a paid killer for hire. He has the characteristics of a narcissist and a sociopath. He has been preying on women for money without the intent to pay it back. He is serial cheater.
He is married to LaLa Baskerville.
Forewarned is forearmed!

Let the frenzy begin!!! Your phone begins to ring off the hook! Women are calling and telling you all they know about him… Others are calling their girlfriends who have dated him to warn them about his character. You have started a wild fire and the only one burning is him! The girls he’s currently messing with drop him like a bad habit! He can’t figure out what the hell happened, he thought his game was tight, he thought he could use and abuse women’s’ bodies and minds forever… Now you know someone’s gonna tell him about the message… And instead of him saying, well I got caught with my pants down… He says, it’s not fair! It’s not true! I wasn’t in Hawaii with my wife! We’re not married anymore! His lies never end, his betrayal will never cease and he’ll never understand the virtues of a good relationship! So ladies please believe your gut and not his lying eyes, our lives out too valuable to be sleeping with the enemy, a man who lays down with numerous women is as dangerous as playing Russian Roulette… AIDS is real and more black women die from it every day! Do not let a man manipulate you to thinking monogamy is extinct and your body is for his pleasure… Remember who you are and NEVER EVER be afraid to tell what you know!!!

Your voice is powerful and social media will make you or break you!

The DivorcedDiva

Happily divorced mother of one. I date when I find a worthy partner. I love to talk about relationships, work through problems with people and remind them of their options. I'm very open and willing to share all of my experiences to help others.


    • Ms. Nix

      July 3, 2013 at 12:07 pm

      You are absolutely right. Cheaters (male or female) always get back what they put out there and none are ever ready to deal with the same pain, heartache and hurt they inflick on others. I know one person very near and dear to me who kept hurting women; he had no intention to be committed no matter what he told them. He was admittedly selfish and when he did fall in love, the young lady did him so cold he has not been right since. “What you put out, you get back – 10 fold!”

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