Hot Topic Tuesday: Parenthood Confusion

Parenthood Confusion 2

Hot Topic Tuesday: Parenthood Confusion

So here we are living in a world where anyone can have a baby… We have several choices, here are some:

Sexual Intercourse
Infertility Treatments

Parenthood Confusion 1
Sometimes we may become pregnant and raise a child alone and out-of-wedlock, we may conceive a child in wedlock, we may adopt or we may choose a father from a sperm bank and conceive that way.

Parenthood Confusion
Today, we face women who choose women as life partners. Women who choose to have children together. The easy part is conceiving the child; the challenge will be raising him/her. It’s challenging in a traditional family setting (mom, dad, child), so how much more challenging is it with two same-sex parents? How do you explain where the father is, or who is he for that matter? Why isn’t he/she raising me? Why do I have two moms/dads? The usual argument to these questions is the love for the child will see it through… But the unanswered questions will hinder the natural evolving process. Love is beautiful, but confusion is destructive. Children being raised in same-sex parent households have a greater challenge than those of traditional parents. How do you teach, guide and advise a child who were born into confusion? Do you think the confusion would be a hindrance? Do you think children born into these situations can strive? If you are in a partnership/marriage respond and let us know who do you answer these questions?

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    • Ms. Nix

      May 21, 2013 at 12:17 pm

      I don’t think the article is dumb but very much trying to give those who are in same-sex partnerships a chance to voice their opinion and say what they want to say to others who do not see the positive in same sex parenthood. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and their feelings, but do you really think your response is going to make people become more inclined to see the positive or are you nurturing the negative image by saying the article is dumb? I think the writer is looking for clarification but reading your response at least the first line would make people think you are judgmental and isn’t that the main argument for same-sex couples in general? The judgmental attitudes of society?!! Think about what you say before you say it, or type it!

      • Mr SoBo

        May 21, 2013 at 4:31 pm

        I applaud your reply Ms. Nix. Very well stated. Its perplexing to witness those who are seeking that which they are unwilling to give – understanding and humility.

        That said, it would behoove one to observe the road signs, as tolerance is in fact a two way street.

        Mr. SoBo

        • Ms. Nix

          May 21, 2013 at 4:57 pm

          Thank you so much Mr. SoBo!! I am about being fair and impartial. I would rather someone ask me a question and gain some understanding than to judge me without even knowing me. At least ask the question, you might learn something.

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