How Dangerous Is It To Live A Lie…

How Dangerous is it to live a lie image 1aWhen you look back at your life, and it doesn’t “fit” into others expectations (perhaps you didn’t have two parents, perhaps the one parent you had wasn’t much of a parent at all) in the sense of protecting you from harm, famine, abuse and the harshness of the world. Nevertheless, your story is your own; your story is your blue print to who you are today. It’s easy to say “don’t be ashamed” of your past, but it’s another to live with it especially if you haven’t found the peace you need to use it for your own good.

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Self-reflection is absolutely necessary!

We may not always understand the “why’s” of yesterday, but in due time it will all come together if we let it, allow it, believe that time may not heal all things but it has its way of giving relevance to what you’ve gone through in your past. You need your past experiences in order to help you in your present. Today you may face a difficulty that could easily shut the average person down, but since you went through so much at an early age, this experience is merely a walk in the park for you. And you know that given some time and patience this too shall pass.

When living in this life, we have got to accept who we are, what and who made us and know that our plight is yet before us. If we use our past to teach us, to guide us; we will not only have so much to offer but we will also find our own way into what our purpose is, our true destiny. We must believe we are bound for greatness, our destiny is inevitable and everything we need is already within us.

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When dealing with a past full of hurt, pain, and disappointment we must take into account the people who rendered it. We must take into account the source of their pain, misfortune, disappointments (not to take note in history) to release the debt of their wrong doing. It is easier for us to understand that most of us hurt others because we are hurt, damaged and bruised. When we take into account the pain of others, we can understand their actions no matter how intense they are and we can let go of our anger, hurt, and disappointment. And when it’s all said and done, we must find a way to release all of our scared past, release the actual pain, release the emotion brought in order to learn the lessons, to see what really happened and piece all of it together. We need our past to build our future, to avoid the pitfalls of the past, to love as we wish to be loved, to evolve past our pain and to share our past to let others know there is hope.

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When living a “lie” we are saying that who we are is not worthy of a life. We are saying that the things that have happened to us and the things we have done have not validated us to be any more than a dog on the street. When we deny who we are, who we were, we deny who we shall become. When we deny who we shall become, we deny any hope to be more that we have been. We begin to believe that we are nothing; we are unworthy participants in this life and with these people, who at the end of the day are exactly like us. We must allow ourselves to hope, to believe, to anticipate change, to anticipate self-evolution, to be positive about our plight and our future. We have got to grasp our reality and make the best of it one day at a time, without creating a story board of our past; we must take responsibility for what is ours. We must embrace who we desire to be while accepting who we were, who we are and make peace with all we have done, good and bad. We have got to make peace with the people we have hurt, so that we can be released from the burden of shame. It’s like the Alcoholic Anonymous step in asking for forgiveness to those we have harmed us, those who we resent we must forgive. Private forgiveness is as good as any, unless this person approaches you and asks you for forgiveness there is no need to share your forgiveness process with anyone. Please remember forgiveness is final, there’s no reason to revisit it, no reason to re-forgive, it is absolute, respect it. You too will need to be forgiven, you wouldn’t want anyone forgiving you, then unforgiving you only to re-forgive, right?

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So when you look at your past, when you remember where you were, don’t forget how far you have come. When you recount your past, give it the dignity and honor it deserves, be true, be honest, and let your TRUTH be just that. Know that your TRUTH is clean even when it’s dirty, it’s REAL, and it’s full of PEACE because in TRUTH you MUST be TRUE to YOURSELF. Honor yourself in who you are today, do not forget your past, do not live in your past but share it, remember it, learn from it, know that you do not require approval from others to validate who you are!


“To thine own self be true”



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