In Limbo with Your Ex

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So we all know and understand an Ex is an Ex for a reason. So then how do we still feel connected to them? How do I turn off the LOVE in my heart? I’ve been able to break away and get used to not speaking to him every day, I’m used to not seeing him, I’m used to not making plans or talking business, but why does he keep contacting me? I thought we were done. We’ve had a couple of intimate meetings, my intention was not to be intimate, I thought we were gonna talk about us. So I’m beginning to think that he just wanted to experience my “fluffiness” again. But he said that he was scared of me on our last encounter… In the past I’ve always taken the “fear” as a cop out because I’m fearless and I love hard, I’m all the way on or completely off…

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So I’ve decided not to approach him with that expected Girlie conversation of “so where are we”…I am gonna push back and see what lead he takes as a “man”, I believe a man knows what he wants and he will go out and get what he desires, just like his trip to Best Buy, he’s gonna buy a TV or some type of electronic device. That determination will guarantee he doesn’t leave empty handed. It’s the same in all aspects of their (a man’s) life, they want what they want when they want it, and if they really want it they will pay the cost!

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So if anyone is in a similar situation, please note that if he’s told you that he loves you even when he’s not on top of you, he does… Is he always gonna make the best decisions? Probably not, he’s only a Man, he’s not a savior or GOD, he’s not gonna be perfect! So pull back, you’ve expressed enough as a woman if you’ve been in a real relationship with him for at least a year. Believe me he knows how you feel, let him step to you and make his intentions known…

Meantime get busy and keep him off your mind, cause he’s not leaving your heart!


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