Is There Mass Hysteria of Unracism?

Don Sterling did it. He has opened the flood gates and made a mentality amongst the good ole’ boys known flat out, red handed, its O-V-E-R.

I will state that the media has yet to authenticate the audio but it doesn’t look good for big belly Sterly. He hasn’t adamantly denied the allegations, which I am sure someone would do if the audio was a lie. But he hasn’t, which makes me lean more toward that voice on the tape being old man peckerwood.

What he displayed was clear cut racism. The same conversations held when blacks were able to perform at The Cotton Club but unable to socialize there; the same conversations held with young white teens in love with a black…Donald Sterling showed us racism is here, in the brains of the people who hate Blacks but love to watch them entertain or be owned by them.

(The Clippers are in a funked up situation.)
I think it may have been a little over a year ago when I was involved in a Facebook debate on a degrading picture of President Obama shining Sarah Palin’s shoes; and I was against a slew of whites whom identified themselves as unracist. The problem was, in their unracism, they forgot racism still existed and insisted to me that the picture was not meant to be racist against President Obama but a mockery of him as a person. Don Sterling is similar-he doesn’t believe he is racist.

When I passionately disagreed, I was told by one, who was supposed to a good friend of mine, a woman who toured and wrote music with Tupac, that I was being obsessive over the issue of race. Because I insisted racism and the mistreatment of blacks was ramped within our communities.

She and I are no longer friends.

I normally would never let something as trivial as a FB debate end a friendship but that debate brought out of my friend something disturbing and is seemingly a new trend within whites who believe they are not racist. I call it the Mass Hysteria of UnRacism; basically, there are white persons that have convinced themselves that all that we perceive as racism is actually cloaked in several things: the freedom of speech, the pressing of an agenda and straight-up denial. This trend gives whites a justification for their disdain toward minorities. This is the same trend that blinded them against the injustice of Trayvon, a name that will be in the history books for hundreds of years.

Ever since the election of our first Black (mulatto, to be technical) president, our country’s racism has boiled to the surface and formed an impenetrable skin of a callous history and evolving thought processes. Unfortunately, the election of our president has disillusioned (iterate, some) whites in thinking our racial issues have been dealt with.

I mean, Barack Obama made it to the most coveted, most powerful position in the world, right? There are only about 15% blacks in the USA so President Obama was elected by whites, right? So they aren’t racist…right?
Now, lemme break some science down for you.

First, President Obama is mulatto, such as I, and in our racist society, especially for him, having that light skin and white mother gave him a notch up than a non-mulatto, a black male; say from the streets of Chi-town. Whites have always been more receptive of fair-skinned blacks or mulattos for many reasons and this idiom applied very much to President Obama.

Second, because of his white mother and living in Hawaii, in addition to the crowd he hung around, despite his days as an admitted pothead and him being fatherless (so to speak), Obama had opportunities that most black children do not have access to.

Third, President Obama is a smart Ivy Leaguer, a man that woke up at 4:30 in the morning to study so he can impress good grades and make a name for himself.

President Obama went down similar paths of President Bush but Bush was a C-student and from a rich dynasty. Bush didn’t have to work nearly as hard as President Obama to get the US Presidency. Even with the extra nudges in his corner, President Obama had to and still has to bust his ass to get the same respect as his white, C-student counterpart.
That, my good people, is the racism that my “unracist” whites fail to see. This cultural embedding is similar to the black lines in between a spectrum light. The unexplainable, inconspicuous, almost unchangeable space-time of racism.
Whites like my friend, who actually has good intentions, fail to see that racism isn’t just about “that nigga over there”. Some years ago, in the lack of imagination, yes, it was as simple as pointing out and openly discriminating against a black in such a way of not servicing them or allowing them to use the bathroom. But now, racism has found new outlet-through laws already written and the reliance on a person’s perception of another person, despite his/her color, yet blacks are more likely the ones to suffer and this is a non-admitted knowledge of how most whites perceive blacks.

Racism is now in the form of overturning Affirmative Action, or owning a basketball team because of the righteous feeling of providing blacks with their lifestyle; a new style of Jim Crow and Slavery 2014. And the unbridled incarceration of black men; from a black man receiving time for selling a dime bag of dope while a known, admitted white pedophile predator is set free “because he won’t fare well in prison.”

The most disturbing aspect of this type of racism is it’s so well-hidden in arguments of freedom of speech or self defense, or reverse racism; there hasn’t been an inventive mind to come up with a fight that is up-to-date to the current mélange of racial attacks. While George Zimmerman could have very well been frightened for his life (even though he assumed the risk), no one could prove his fear was stemmed from his racism of a black man (well, child).

Last week, and I will not be surprised if you are unaware, The US Supreme Court upheld Michigan’s ban of Affirmative Action programs. Why won’t I be surprised? Because hardly any major news or political outlets are covering the story. The main argument was that the University of Michigan’s point based admission policy was discriminatory and therefore unconstitutional. Jennider Gatz was the proponent for the ban and as I read her argument, I understood what she was saying; that regardless of race, her qualifications should have placed her ahead of some that otherwise weren’t as qualified but admitted solely because they were of African-American race.

What she doesn’t understand is that while the idea of Equal Protection Clause is for all the races to enjoy equal treatment in the form of law, we aren’t there yet; the majority just doesn’t give the minority population equal treatment. The majority is still dealing with their rooted disregard for the minority group; what is sad, a lot doesn’t realize, in concept, that they’re racist. Blacks are the same way in the way they speak against whites, not to mention the self-loathing and the ghetto minds, so the downfall is a two-way street.

The Mass Hysteria of UnRacism is a fraud. It isn’t a collection of freed minds that truly do not see color or feel more is deserve because of a certain color, etc. The hysteria is the misbelief that they aren’t racist. “Hysteria” means crazed, delirium. In a mass suit, there are whites (and other races) that have moved past racism in the sense of what we are used to. They have evolved into a new set of unracist people that use the First Amendment as a strategy and the mishap of African American’s as ammunition. They are fearful of us and have completely fooled themselves that Blacks are innately more dangerous and have cleverly found laws to kill accordingly.

They have initiated a conglomerate of new-age slavery in the form of big name sponsorship and millions of dollars. They come together and plan and Blacks have fallen into the trap. They have basketball, football, shoes, the rap industry, etc. in addition to our own people killing each other over the before mentioned areas.

Don’t you get it?

Racism is a totally new spectacle. Now they have gotten smarter.
Now. What are we going to do?

Described as tenacious and abrasive, Erinn Rochelle rarely holds her tongue when passionate or just annoyed by any one topic. A writer since she was young, Erinn enjoys all levels of literary work and hopes to be a major contributor to scholarly, unbiased and revealing reports; she has always been fascinated by and respected journalist who weren’t afraid to tackle controversial issues and hopes to join the ranks of such journalist like Anderson Cooper, Glenn Greenwald and T.J. Holmes. Erinn will most likely be known as one of the most notorious journalist’s on what NEEDS to be said vs. what IS being said – from religion hypocrisy to government dependence-and she gives no sugar coating. Read at your own risk; can you handle the truth?
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