MEN-ogamy= Monogamy

Not only does the milkshake bring the boys to the yard, so does monogamy. Truthfully, men can be a tad confusing, which is no secret, but this one really takes the cake. Isn’t it funny when you’re feeling lonely there seems to be no men available? Then once you’re in a relationship the buddies want to come from all directions. It almost feels like you’re wearing a new scent and their attraction starts to heighten. As you may know already men want what they can’t have which causes that fierce intrigue. That’s the easy part, but what happens when you share the attraction and begins to play with the flames of fire?love_triangle_by_iann7

Right, now that’s where the dilemma begins. Temptation is the true bitch opposed to karma if you ask me. Karma simply treats you the way you want to be treated. Now as for temptation she tiptoes around you unexpectedly and fearlessly. The feeling is alluring and captivating, but yet however you treat temptation karma is still watching. The key is to stay conscious in every decision although it is extremely hard. I know sometimes you want to a rebel and just embrace the moment of whatever you’re feeling. When you were single that was cool and now that you’re a committed woman the story has changed. Entertaining a “buddy” while in a monogamous relationship only leads to untapped layers of insecurities.


What I’ve learned along the way is that any form of love gets attacked from all directions. It usually starts with unsolicited opinions and comments. Then followed by those attempting to interfere. Your position is to stay true to yourself and that gut feeling. Honor how you feel in your relationship and voice any needs and wants. If you’re not comfortable enough to be heard in your current situation then why are you still in it? All relationships are about give and take, but in no way does that mean losing yourself in the midst of it.

Remember, love always prevails in the end!

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