Message To Our Young Black Females

Never let anyone tell you that I don’t love you because I love you.

You’re smart, beautiful and you’re special, you’re destined to do great things.

Remember that the one true thing you need to do in order to get there is believe.

Never let anyone tell you that you’re not beautiful because you are beautiful.

Always hold your head up high in the face of those who might try to defeat you, stay true to yourself follow your own lead be confident be supreme.

Don’t think for a minute you are not worthy because you are worthy.

getty_rf_photo_of_girl_talking_to_self_in_mirrorYou deserve respect. You deserve to be treated fairly without prejudice or jealousy.

You are lifted by your integrity to give of yourself the same.

With that being said you should expect no less from any child, woman or man.

You are smart, you are intelligent. Never doubt that about your self.

It’s okay to be confident and assertive about what you want for your self in this life.

There will be naysayers and doubters that cast aspersions and try to tear down your dreams.

Nobody can define who or what you are.

You Control Your Destiny

Be aware of those with offerings of false friendship and kindness for they are jealous and full of deceit.

Stay strong hold truyoung girl in mirrore to your convictions. Reject their negativity.

Never think for a second that I don’t care about you because I care about you.

We may not always be with you or  see and hear everything

that you might encounter.

When you are faced with tough decisions let our voices and our guidance be the tools to help you measure the difference between right black-girl-looking-in-the-mirrorand wrong.

Trust in you, stay on your path follow your own lead and never let go of your faith and your beliefs. They are what make up a strong foundation.

So when temptation comes knocking at your door looking for some company, hold your head high look it in the eye take a deep breath and promptly tell it no thank you and goodbye.

Never think for a second that I am not proud of you because I am proud of you.

The measure of a person should come from their self-respect and the respect they give and command from others. Your integrity is worth more than gold black-woman-looking-in-the-mirroryour word is what sets you free. Be prideful and honest. Be respectful and never afraid to do the right thing.

Every morning that you awake and get ready to start your day.

Look in the mirror while reciting these words “I’m smart, I’m beautiful. I’m happy with the person standing before me.  I am determined to succeed and will let no negativity cloud my way, I am blessed, I am strong. I will be great today.

Written By: Larry D. Miller

This piece is dedicated to my granddaughters with the hope that they we always know how much I love them and what queens they truly are.

Larry D. Miller has over 20 yrs. in the field of crisis intervention as a call center Supervisor for a national crisis hotline. Larry has authored a book titled "How to cheat and not get busted" is currently available at: and many online book retailers. Larry is not only a contributing writer for Ms Nix in the MIx he also generates his own blogs and facebook pages. Larry enjoys spending time with his family, writing, coaching baseball and playing golf.
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