Minimum Wage Fight In Wrong Direction

On February 27, President Obama launched an initiation of a program designed to help Black and Latino men and made some powerful statements toward the growing belief that Black men have the opportunities; that they need to focus on those attainable, self-rising goals. President Obama and his wife have both emphasized the importance of removing certain destructive ideologies that is deep-rooted within the black community. Some call it “the ghetto mentality”.

Let’s start here:

I was on Facebook the other day and saw this picture:

military picBefore anyone rags on me about the Tea Party, I am on their page strictly to piss them off, not because I agree with their message, albeit I do hold some level of agreement with this picture and some of their other values, like limited government.

And again, besides the degrading and disparaging class-ism undertones that are present in the communiqué along with the slight inaccuracies, I can’t help but feel a sense of acquiesce with the overall message.

Think about it. There are soldiers who are fighting in terrible and violent situations and to imply that a person who works in a fast food joint deserves more is an angering insult. These soldiers deal with a list of problems when returning from war and in comparison, there is no comparison because in this country there are opportunities to advance oneself.

Just in case you are wondering, a private in the Army makes $1468 a month. If you were to break that down, that’s $9.17 an hour (based on a 40 hour workweek but our soldiers work 24/7 when in the field and no overtime) being paid to a young person for lugging 80 pounds in extreme weather, engage in physical and armed contact with whatever enemy the soldier encounters, and fight, as well as willingly placing themselves in harm’s way to ensure the freedoms of this country.

Although I believe the issue of poverty is a social one and not economic, my concern isn’t with whether we should uplift impoverished people; my issue is raising minimum wage, without tackling the socioeconomic problem, will hurt us all and promote the lazy ideal that if someone has it, it is their job to give it to those less determined and fail to increase their own production value. (Yes, I know all do not fit in this category but humor me and just focus on the trifling for this argument, ok?)

I do not believe in socialism. Socialism, in its total structure, will cause a society of gluttony and sloth, with no innovation or drive for breaking change. Socialism reeks of an enabling class and the enabled dives in a continuous downward spiral motion. Everyone will be fed-maybe-but no one would be able to enjoy a premium steak; everyone will have a car possibly but no one would be able to feel the speed of a beautiful, antique Mustang. Socialism will handle our basic needs, yet no one will be happy. And I don’t mind working for what I have; the feeling of accomplishment is a welcoming high, increasing my endorphins, enhancing my happy, leading to strive harder the next time.

My opinion is not pulled from my ass. I see it every day, have friends who have taken advantage of the government and its liberalism, greedy businessmen praying on the desperate and commercializing government benefits as if it’s a career change. It disgust me, whole heartily, and if I am being shallow for criticizing the entitled believers then I accept that.

Minimum wage, when introduced with the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, was needed, after a grueling dealing of The Great Depression, a setting unrecognizable of anyone not of that time, only by anecdotes and scholarly descriptions along with economic analysis. Minimum wage is to keep companies competitive and (somewhat) moral. Minimum wage however, holds a certain fault to the increase in inflation.

Capitalism’s concept is the right idea but the success of capitalism is based on the control of human greed. Why? Because capitalism strives off the economic market, turning it into a living, breathing dragon, a creature capable of love and torture. Capitalism creates a man-made, money-fed nemesis that is tamable yet fragile but needed because its presence in a nurtured state can and will benefit the economy in a whole. But if a capitalist economy system is mistreated in any way- like over-feeding it money unearned-will set it off to destroy the structure and fail.

I know you’re thinking “ok, Erinn, you’re a conservative plop, what’s your point?”

My point is Democrats and most Black Democrats have always believed in throwing money at an issue in search to solve the problem when the problem is a form of greed also.

Raising the minimum wage without tackling the expanding ghetto mentality of entitlement, will repeat the same cycle we’re in now but in a much shorter span in between, with the argument for it to be at 15 dollars an hour now, then 20 and so forth, forcing once viable companies to pay too much for, dare I say, a cheap skill. Raising the wage to 15 an hour for fast food workers and others alike will cause a ripple effect of layoffs, benefit reduction, and demotions for the once middle class that earned 15 to 18 an hour.


Described as tenacious and abrasive, Erinn Rochelle rarely holds her tongue when passionate or just annoyed by any one topic. A writer since she was young, Erinn enjoys all levels of literary work and hopes to be a major contributor to scholarly, unbiased and revealing reports; she has always been fascinated by and respected journalist who weren’t afraid to tackle controversial issues and hopes to join the ranks of such journalist like Anderson Cooper, Glenn Greenwald and T.J. Holmes. Erinn will most likely be known as one of the most notorious journalist’s on what NEEDS to be said vs. what IS being said – from religion hypocrisy to government dependence-and she gives no sugar coating. Read at your own risk; can you handle the truth?


  1. jasonlasloan

    March 3, 2014 at 9:18 am

    The title got me to read. I anticipated an entirely different direction. I don’t know why…

    Inserting the unemployed and unemployable into the businesses that already exist is impossible. That’s the fallacy that the government on both sides likes to feed us. Creating more business is the way to help the unemployed and unemployable.

    When comparing the salaries of a private in the army with a fast food worker, don’t forget to include room and board and the pension and the interest free loans for business and houses when soldiers come home.

    There’s nothing wrong with following the Tea Party to heckle them. But, when you decide to quote them or use their memes, be sure to add the research they failed to do. And they are always certain to fail to do the research.

    I expected a more elaborate discussion of the flaws in raising the minimum wage than the small final paragraph. Maybe next time…

    • Erinn Rochelle

      March 3, 2014 at 10:24 am

      Thank you so much for your response.

      There is a lot to this piece that had to be eliminated due to length, some of those issues were included. The editorial was geared more toward ignored opportunities.

      I agree with your first assertion, yet I avoided numbers for a specific reason. I can provide a reliable link to where I did some of my research for this article. Here is one:

      In comparison, yes, these soldiers are awarded a fair amount of benefits. So do those that make 8.00 an hour. A full time worker making 15,000 annually can bring home an extra 3,000 to 8,000 from their annual tax return. If they are smart, a portion of that can be placed in an IRA; this person also will receive food stamps, Medicaid, and some form of housing assistance. When added up, they maybe just slightly less than what a Private makes. I can get into this further on my page, if you like.

      I actually state “And again, besides the degrading and disparaging class-ism undertones that are present in the communiqué along with the slight inaccuracies…” implying I am aware that this message is meant to be misconstrued, yet, I am smarter than that but cannot get into the lengthy discussion.

      I invite you to join me to further discuss this topic, I feel we’ll agree on most levels of this discussion.

      • jasonlasloan

        March 3, 2014 at 11:11 am

        Just be clear again on these numbers. Soldiers can also file tax returns and get that 3,000 to 8,000, which is their money. The IRS began a tradition of holding tax payers’ money ahead of time because most Americans couldn’t be trusted to save and pay the right amount. So that 3,000 to 8,000 is still part of the gross amount they earned that year and not a government bonus. (For the benefit of your readers.)

        I appreciate the response. I look forward to further discussions on other topics on FB.

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