The Naughty List

Naughty List 3

The Naughty List

Each year I was told that Santa makes his list, checks it twice, and we all pretty much know the rest of the story. If you’re nice your wishes come true and if you’re naughty you get a lump of coal. Well now 20 something years later I have yet to see my coal or my life size Barbie under the tree (just kidding), so I guess the Naughty List it is. Ladies I think its only right to heat things up a little. If you’re involved, have a butt buddy, or just in a complicated situation I’m giving you complete approval to get naughty. It’s only right to get what you really want this year!

Naughty List 1

Sometimes in relationships it gets a little boring and predictable in the bedroom, but there is always a way to spice it up. Be open-minded and introduce new things to your partner. For example, it’s December and the chill is in the air try to keep your man extra warm with hot oils or even hot wax if you’re on the kinky side like myself. Don’t be afraid be innovative and excited. The new experience intensifies the sexual pleasure. Always try and touch those pressure points to speed up his heart rate. Lick his neck, nibble on his earlobes, lightly even graze your teeth on his nipples. Yes, I’m saying all this and recommending it to you. I bet that you’ll have all his attention on you this entire time.





It’s cute to be submissive, but it’s sexy to be dominant. Whisper in his ear saying how you’re going to please him. After this don’t even expect Santa to come down your chimney. Only if you’re a fan of it (which all women should be) processed with that an oral transaction if you enjoy doing it. If you’re not into to he’ll know and lose all interest. Be excited and have fun. As always be safe and live a little it’s that time of year and you need your fix too. Oh and welcome to the Naughty!



Happy Holiday’s

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