Nice Guy or Nuisance?

Nice Guy

I was so excited to be a homeowner when I bought my first condo that I decided to join the condo association [BIG MISTAKE].

Anyway, being on the association afforded me the opportunity to meet and assist many of my neighbors. Unfortunately, one of those neighbors (that I helped) took a liking to me and decided that he was going to ‘woo’ me (click here to read the full blog). He went out of his way to emphasize that he was a ‘nice guy’ and somehow thought that his constant badgering would encourage me to date him. It didn’t. I told this guy on numerous occasions that I was not interested, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He kept calling and calling and calling. Once I informed him that I was getting the police involved, he disappeared for good [Thank God!].

Nice Guy or Nuisance

I’ve noticed this trend with a lot of so-called nice guys. They claim that they are being nice, but little do they know is that they are actually being VERY annoying. So for those of you who think that nice guys finish last, let me attempt to reshape your thinking because nice guys do not finish last. Lame guys do and constantly badgering or pursuing an uninterested person is very lame behavior.

If someone tells you in no uncertain terms on multiple occasions that they do not like you and have absolutely no desire to have any type of romantic exchange, leave them alone. Why? Because you might get your get your a$$ kicked (although I don’t condone violence) or perhaps greeted with a restraining order.

At the end of the day, everyone is not going to like you and just because a person doesn’t like you doesn’t make him or her mean or evil either. We all have our preferences and apparently, you just aren’t that person’s cup of tea.

Nice Guy or Nuisance 1

So do us all a favor and stop hiding behind the “oh I was just being nice” or “but I’m a nice guy” talk and consider a little self-reflection because you just might be a nuisance after all. I encourage you to refocus your time, effort, and energy on someone who actually likes and wants to be around you. [Yes, it’s really that simple.] What purpose does it serve to pursue a person who wants nothing to do with you? Know your worth.

Don’t keep calling, texting, emailing, stalking… DON’T BE A NUISANCE!

And that’s my five cents.


Miss Marie
The NON-expert Dater

Ladies, do you know a guy who is really a pain in the @$$ or nuisance, but thinks he’s a ‘nice guy’?

Fellas, are you a ‘nice guy’ who keeps finishing last or a nuisance in disguise? Have you gone out of your way to pursue someone who didn’t like you?

Share your feedback! We want to hear from you.

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