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November is the start of the season of love, giving and family. So let’s discuss the intimate web of deception, lies  anOn the HushNovember is the start of the season of love, giving and family. So let’s discuss the intimate web of deception, lies  and a love story filled with overcoming . This week On The Hush is taking to Lovely Lies Author LaShanta Charles.


1. The adage goes, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” Your heroine Makynzee overcomes mental abuse from her mother and deception from others close to her, how were you able to draw the emotions of her back history? A lot of thought went into creating Makynzee and I would have to say that her back history came from not just one person, but a mixture of women I know or have had some sort of interaction with. I wanted to have a heroine that most people could relate, regardless of how big or small, so the inspiration for Makynzee came from many different walks of life.


2. What makes Makynzee relatable to women of today and what do you feel is Makynzee’s greatest strength? Her greatest strength is actually what makes her so relatable; she has the ability to empathize with just about everyone – except Nyeem. This allows her to be very forgiving, almost too forgiving to a certain extent. Everyone has that moment where no matter what they’re going through, they can catch a glimpse of what someone else is going through and they either tell themselves their issues aren’t that bad or they place their concerns on the back burner in order to help others if they can and that’s the type of person Makynzee is. She has so much going on with her and yet she’s still able to be a nurturer, a provider, just an all round good person.

3. In retrospect, do you feel that you would have responded differently to the disappointments and trials Makynzee faced and why? Not at all. When I wrote this book I went back and made tons of changes, but the things Makynzee experienced and her reactions basically stayed the same. I had test readers asking me how much more can Makynzee take and I had to point out that it wasn’t without consequences. Makynzee had serious mental lapses as a result of what she experienced and I think it made her stronger.

4. Emotional dependency is a theme Makynzee deals with – do you think this is a common issue that occurs in relationships between men and women? Or family? Without a doubt it’s definitely a common occurrence. Makynzee’s whole perception was that she had depended on her family for so long and in the end they all let her down and left her disappointed. She felt that her emotional dependency on them was the root of all her problems, so she let that carry on into her relationship with Kalil. While she made a point to try to gain her independence the fact of the matter is that she became completely dependent on him. She often admitted that she wouldn’t know what to do without him and I think a lot of time we place that same stigma on our family members and our significant others. I’m guilty of it myself; I always tell my husband he’s my rock. Emotional dependency isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you only have one source and can’t separate from it then it becomes an issue.

lashanta charles5. Sometimes the past overshadows our present, if we allow it to. Makynzee meets the sexy Kalil, but questions his abilty to be a support force. Do you feel that overcoming one’s past is one of the greatest obstacles in tackling a relationship? I’m glad that you said if we allow it to because that’s key in this equation. Our past only hinders us if we let it. We often hear the term “baggage” in relation to our past and bringing baggage into a new relationship is definitely a red flag. However, I think if you’re honest and up front with the person that you’re in the relationship with it becomes less of a challenge. With Makynzee and Kalil, he basically witnessed a lot of her baggage and was able to help her through it. He was also more understanding of the things she did and the reasons she did them. It wasn’t something he had to figure out which is usually the case with relationships. We don’t know what happened in each other’s pasts so if a memory is triggered or if a person acts a certain way it causes problems within the relationship.

6. Trusting in love is not always an easy thing to do, what drew you in to the unfolding of Makynzee and Kalil’s developing relationship? I’m a hopeless romantic at heart! I wanted them to have a relationship that could stand the test of time because they will definitely be tested to the extreme. The hardest part was keeping it realistic. Sometimes I got carried away, but I think I was able to reel myself in. With Makynzee she didn’t have many real relationships, she’d never been hurt by a guy, so it was easy for her to trust in love. With Kalil, he’s just a naturally guarded person and he had been hurt before, so at times he would come across as slightly possessive or overbearing, but at the same time he’s a thinker, so he’s able to exhibit quite a bit of self-control, especially when it came to Makynzee.

7. Trusting in love is not always an easy thing to do, what drew you in to the unfolding of Makynzee and Kalil’s developing relationship? This may sound strange, but in all actuality, there’s not much difference between the two of them…unless you count the obvious psychopathic nature of Nyeem. Kalil would obviously never abuse Makynzee the way Nyeem does, so there’s that! Both are hopelessly in love with Makynzee, both would do anything for her, both want to spend the rest of their lives with her and to a certain extent will do anything to make that a reality. If you analyze them both, you’ll see that Kalil is just as obsessed with Makynzee as Nyeem is. The biggest difference is that Makynzee only wants to be with Kalil. Nyeem’s character actually pulled me in the most. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Kalil, but Nyeem is the one who kept me guessing. I was always wondering what made him tick.

8. Describe Lovely Lies in one sentence.

That’s a tough one! I would have to go with “not all romances are romantic.” I label Lovely Lies as an urban romance, a crossover between romance and urban literature.

9. Love and forgiveness are common threads displayed in your story. Why do you think forgiveness is one of the hardest things to do?

I think forgiving is hard because once you forgive you have to accept what it is and move on. Basically to forgive you have to forget. I’ve heard people say I’m willing to forgive, but I won’t forget and I think that just defeats the purpose. If you forgive, why hold on to that memory? What good will come of it? We tend to contradict ourselves with our thought processes. We never truly forget, so in a sense we never really forgive. The instant something remotely close to what you forgave happens again, it takes you right back to the memories of what you felt at that time and you automatically harbor those feeling on top of whatever is happening at that time.

10. Where can readers learn about your upcoming works?

Readers can find info on the following outlets:

Website: www.lashantacharles.com

Publisher: www.delphinepublications.com

Facebook: Author Lashanta or Lashanta Charles

Twitter: @twiety01

Lovely Lies is available everywhere in paperback and eReaders. Lovely Lies 2 will be released February 11, 2014. Thanks for having me!!!

Writing romance fiction has been a part of Samara’s world since her days of sneaking to the back of the library with a love story in tow; soon after, she wrote her own! She is a 2011 Poet of the Year Nominee by African Americans On The Move Book Club and a member of The Romance Writers of America (Kiss of Death, Passionate Ink and Sisters IN Crime Inc.) Samara has penned stories for Total E Bound, Cobblestone Press, Loose Id, and sexy mobile reads for Ether Books. She also writes under her co-produced self-publishing imprint, Crimson Whispers. Her first poetry collection, The Ebony Kryptonite was well received and is to be followed by her next spoken word project, The Naked The Bare. To find out more about Samara’s poetic endeavors visit: http://reverbnation.com/samaraking or listeners may also find her on Spotify! Currently, Samara is hard at work on her next series!

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