ON THE HUSH: Lakisha Johnson, A Secret Worth Keeping.

A secret worth keeping1. Your novel A Secret Worth Keeping features a diverse cast of characters and surrounds the lives of Shelby, Camille, Lynesha, Raylin, Kerri and Chloe.  Which character would you say was the most challenging and rewarding to write? Camille. She is the one that is not afraid to step outside the box, speak her mind or take risks and with a personality like this, it can be challenging to write about because I have to keep it interesting and hot yet it’s rewarding for the exact same reason.

2.  Do you believe in today’s relationships between men and women that there is an “eyes are bigger than the stomach” approach before appreciating what’s at home? Definitely! However, let me say this; it’s not all relationships but you do have people (men and women) that no matter who they have at home they want something more. This is simply because their eyes make them think they can handle it only to find out that it doesn’t digest well.

3. Do you think balancing family/home and success, a theme portrayed in your novel, is a big struggle for businesswomen today? And what advice would you have? No. (Now this is my personal opinion.) Women have been able to balance a lot of things for a long time because it’s built into us. See,  God created women as a helpmate to have our husband’s back, take care of the home, children and even work and in order to do this, He had to make us stronger and even when we do struggle, as we sometimes will, we make it look easy. As for advice, don’t bite off more than you can chew. If you know you can’t handle the extra tasks that are being asked of you say no. Your character doesn’t change because you say no, don’t always go, do or give. You have a right to take some time for yourself or say no, this time, because we all get tired.

4. Which character among the ladies do you feel went through the biggest turnaround? For me it was Lyn. She knew she was headed down a dangerous road and the only way for her to stop it, she had to change directions and she did this by going to her husband. Now, she didn’t tell him everything but it was a start for her to begin again.5.   If one of the female lead characters were to make a comeback in a future story, which one would you choose and why? Cam because she has some demons that she needs to deal with or they are going to consume her life. Now, what comeback will she make? Well, you’ll have to see.

6. Which life lesson displayed in A Secret Worth Keeping holds most true to you? The life lesson that holds true to me is being honest with your spouse. When we are dealing with things many times, instead of being honest with the person we’ve said were going to spend our life with, we bottle all the mess up inside until we’ve had enough and then it explodes And after all the crap hits the fan, we realize that things could have been handled differently had we been honest up front. For Lyn and Paul, she found this out after almost hitting the bottom only to find out that her husband was feeling the same way. If you’re not happy, being satisfied sexually or appreciated; say it. I’d rather give my husband the opportunity to see if things can be salvaged between us rather than him or me going out bringing something home we can’t get rid of. 

7. How do you feel about resolutions, and what are three things you would like to see occur in 2014? Honestly, I don’t feel any type of way about resolutions. I don’t personally make them because why do I have to wait until the start of a new year to make things happen or change certain things? If there is something that needs to be done, I do it. If there is something that I want, I go for it. For 2014, I want to see my gift being used in a way that God is pleased which allows it to open doors for me. I want to see A Secret Worth Keeping in bookstores all over and I want to travel to book events to get to know readers and other authors.

8. Finish this sentence: “A Lakisha Johnson novel is… a page turner that is full of excitement, drama, realistic problems and will keep you wanting more!”

9.  What can readers look forward to next from you? A Secret Worth Keeping 2, a devotional book for teens and who knows! I am going to do whatever it is my hands find time to do!

10. Where can readers find out more about you? My author blog and devotional blog and the social media handles below:

Facebook KishaDJohnson

Twitter @_lakishajohnson

Instagram @kishajohnson



Writing romance fiction has been a part of Samara’s world since her days of sneaking to the back of the library with a love story in tow; soon after, she wrote her own! She is a 2011 Poet of the Year Nominee by African Americans On The Move Book Club and a member of The Romance Writers of America (Kiss of Death, Passionate Ink and Sisters IN Crime Inc.) Samara has penned stories for Total E Bound, Cobblestone Press, Loose Id, and sexy mobile reads for Ether Books. She also writes under her co-produced self-publishing imprint, Crimson Whispers. Her first poetry collection, The Ebony Kryptonite was well received and is to be followed by her next spoken word project, The Naked The Bare. To find out more about Samara’s poetic endeavors visit: http://reverbnation.com/samaraking or listeners may also find her on Spotify! Currently, Samara is hard at work on her next series!
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