“PawnFellas”: Tom Sizemore, Frank Vincent, and Vinnie Pastore

tom sizemore

This story, on Tom Sizemore, was first reported by Miriam Valverde of the Sun Sentinel of Fort Lauderdale Florida. Fort Lauderdale seems to be the perfect location for a new reality show that will feature major network stars and a hardcore pawn shop.

Today, news broke of Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, and Heat) filming a preview for what maybe a new reality show.

Why do we say it maybe? Well the show has gained interest from several outlets but no deal has been secured.

 So imagine a pawn shop with high-end jewelry and three “made” guys giving you prices. Tom Sizemore, Frank Vincent, from Casino and The Sopranos along with another Italian favorite, Vinnie Pastore. Yes “Big Pussy” will be in the building. They may just have a hit.

Tom Sizemore has also released a new book of memoirs and has been eying a new roll in The Expendables 3 Movie. Check out pics from the filming today.


Tom Sizemore, Frank Vincent, and Vinnie Pastore





20130529-231053.jpgAnd Charlie Sheen may have a guest spot, if the show gets picked up. Good luck PawnFellas! Would you watch this show? Let us know here @msnix2

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