Phaedra Parks Esq. and Head Doctor? #RHOA

phaedra parks

Personally, I admire the brains on Phaedra Parks – cast member of #RHOA. But now NeNe Leakes has gone and brought light to how Phaedra gives “good brain”. NeNe made no bones about saying Ms. Phaedra was known for sucking on penises in the little town of Athens, Georgia. Well, Phaedra does love a pretty penis and is a self-proclaimed freak; but wait!!! – wasn’t Phaedra accusing Kenya of being the girl who likes to suck dick … Wow!!! We have come a long way with these deep realty TV story lines… But check it – no one is going to say a dang gone thing to NeNe about her comment….

Phaedra Parks and NeNe Leakes – #RHOA

phaedra parks

nene leakes

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