Tea Party Takeover: Holding Our Government Hostage

I tried to wait. I tried to wait to see if our elected politicians-the individuals we have entrusted with running this country-would achieve bipartisan legislation a long with acting in conducive with their perceived intelligence level, and pass a budget for the next fiscal year.

But nooooo. There is an unwritten rule that all major decisions under President Obama must be met with an extensive level of dramatic theatrics.

Welcome to the first government shutdown in 17 years.

The issue is The Tea Party and the organization’s stark position against the universal healthcare law which has spilled into the budget discussion for the upcoming fiscal year, which starts today. The Tea Party members devised a strategy to force the Democrats to look at the option of, at first, completely defunding the The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (2010) or Affordable Care Act (ACA).

And let me pause for a moment and express my complete disdain for the colloquialism “ObamaCare”; its disrespectful and mocking and although President Obama has accepted the terminology (as advice from his advisors, I’m sure), I refuse to call the law by that name. It reminds me of the terminology “babydaddy”; a contemptuous description of a father who isn’t really a father.

Before I go on, I also want to express to my readers that I am neither Democrat nor Republican or an Independent; I am one of the Americans who likes to look at the candidates individually and make a decision on how that person views a plethora of issues. I also do not allow a single disagreement in principles completely disqualify the candidate from my consideration.

With that said, it isn’t just the Republicans causing the brick wall of conversations but the Democrats as well. Both sides are equally as stubborn as the next as the Democrats and the Republicans are the proverbial toddler standing back to back with their bottom lip poked out and their arms crossed.

The Tea Party started it.

The ACA was upheld by our Supreme Court and the individual mandate was considered constitutional and this decision was a huge defeat to the Tea(r) Party movement and since then, outside of the gun debate, the members have been relatively quiet and seemingly acceptable of the circumstance before them but, evidently, we were wrong.

In a misinterpreted attempt at a “filibuster” (technically it wasn’t) of the funding of the Affordable Care Act last week, Senator Rafael “Ted” Cruz, a Republican from Texas, launched an assassin’s style attack by standing and speaking for 21 hours.

Next the Tea Party members decided that the strategy to amend the budget to stop the funding of the law taking into effect (regardless of a shut down) on October 1st or else face a government shutdown will suffice into getting their way.

Democrats on the other hand, argues the fact that the ACA is now a federally mandated law legally legislated albeit hastily, signed by President Obama and upheld by the United States Supreme Court.

And depending on what side you’re on, dictates whom you feel is right. Or wrong. Or whatever.

Now, the Tea Party members call themselves “negotiating” and sent a bill to “delay” funding of the ACA for a year. This strategy is to make the Democrats look even more immovable when in actuality, it’s the Tea Party. Well played tactic, I must say, reminds me of a two way mate on a chess board: no matter which way you go, they got you.

The Democrats and the President:

The Democrats have one valid, solid reason as to why they should not have to budge on the ACA funding: it’s the law. Early Tuesday morning during a Market Place interview on NPR, President Obama stated, quite strongly, that he feels he should not have to move on the funding of the 2010 Act because it is done being legislated. It is the law.


There are some areas of movement within the new law, largely on some of the issues that are coming to light as the law phased in. There are families who are losing their coverage when it was promised they will not have to relinquish their current coverage if they were satisfied with its stipulations. There are also families experiencing doubling of their premiums complete with a letter explaining it is the ACA that has caused this momentous increase. I have wondered if this was a corporation ploy to pit the small man against the ACA because there are no restrictions in this type of premium increase. Or the reports are false.

The Democrats could have held a conversation with House reps to reach some middle ground, like opening a committee of sorts to oversee the new law and ensure efficiency and fairness, which any poor outcomes can be dealt with swiftly.

The Democrats are right in saying that the law should not be of budget discussion. But the current strategy of “take it or leave it and kiss our behinds” is not governing. It is a collective childishness from the less intelligent spewing in the veins of our Congress.


The True Conservative Republicans are hurting most

So, I am not an identifier of a party but I am conservative in most of my views: I love guns; pretty much a hypocritical pro-lifer, believe welfare can create a generation of workless, breeding enablers; ownership is the key to true wealth, kill pedophiles, etc., etc. And as this debacle continues, I can only “smh” because the true Republican Party, the ones that first started on our side until the ideals were hijacked by the Democrats in the late 1800’s, we, true conservatives, are the ones who are suffering.

I have a confession. I would have voted for McCain but then he chose that crazy idiot for VP.

Senator John McCain, a non-Tea Party Republican, stated yesterday that the ACA is in effect. That it was time to accept it and find a better way in solving the differences within the law like a true governing body and not reminiscent of a bunch of hormonal 16 year-olds squaring off in a high school debate.

Unfortunately, Republicans like McCain-those who rationally argue their principles-are being obscured by the Tea(r) Party and their aria of intrusive government/President Obama hatred.

I remember watching a show called “The Newsroom” and there was a focus on the Tea Party and the impact of their extremism. Will McAvoy, the genius anchor in the plot, compare them to the Taliban. I won’t go that far. I did say the KKK, but I took that too far too. Regardless of the metaphor, The Tea Party, whose non-negotiable core beliefs, are admirable but highly overemphasized by religious rhetoric and intolerance, cannot continue to sit in our Congress.

I have friends who have been furloughed due to this shut down. The shutdown 17 years ago lasted 20 days.

It’s time to reach within ourselves and decide what we are going to do during the 2014 midterms. The American government is going to have to grow up and learn that some principles have to be open and maybe our leaders need to stop trying to tell us who to worship, how to live our lives, and pass the laws to accommodate us all.

Described as tenacious and abrasive, Erinn Rochelle rarely holds her tongue when passionate or just annoyed by any one topic. A writer since she was young, Erinn enjoys all levels of literary work and hopes to be a major contributor to scholarly, unbiased and revealing reports; she has always been fascinated by and respected journalist who weren’t afraid to tackle controversial issues and hopes to join the ranks of such journalist like Anderson Cooper, Glenn Greenwald and T.J. Holmes. Erinn will most likely be known as one of the most notorious journalist’s on what NEEDS to be said vs. what IS being said – from religion hypocrisy to government dependence-and she gives no sugar coating. Read at your own risk; can you handle the truth?
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