Red Lips & Seductive Eyes By The Gay Bestie

Seductive Eyes

Dating is one of those topics that never go out of style, but what about the steps before the date, the outfit, the make-up, and the awkward silence both parties are attempting to avoid. Yes, I’m talking about the flirting stage. Recently, it came to my attention that some of my single and “somewhat single” girlfriends have no clue in flirting. Excuse me as I try to refrain from gasping too loud, but ladies this is where the fun starts. Flirting can be a little nerve wrecking, but I promise you it’s harmless and should always be done in good taste. The only two essential must haves to flirting is your go to smile and subtle eye contact.


How many of you ladies heard of the ‘5 Second Stare? Yeah, well I’m telling you now to never do it again and if you haven’t then no need to ever try it. If you don’t believe me, try to stare in the mirror and count to five. I bet that shit will even creep you out. I advise to make slight initial eye contact, look away, and if interested slowly look right back at your subject with a smile to follow. I promise you this is the first signal you’re giving your potential free meal.


Your scenery is a vital element to closing the deal. For example, if you have three or more girlfriends around you this is number one cock-blocking alert. I urge to slowly depart from the clique to give him the opportunity to approach. Come on ladies give him a chance to make his move. He’s probably trying to find the right words and way to sweep you off your feet. Depart from your friends for any reason to at least pass him in motion. If he’s still not sure give him that last eye-to-eye contact. By this point it’s up to him to charm you right off your feet.


Tips Below


1.)    Smile, smile, smile… Every guy adores a woman who seems approachable. Your smile gives him encouragement and a boost of confidence.


2.)    Once conversation begins allow him to lead. The first few words should at least be “How are you?” if he has any manners. Replay with something sweet and short.


3.)    Eye contact is key to display interest. Ask questions, but nothing too intrusive. Share a compliment. (i.e. Your shirt looks really good on you. It’s nice to see a guy finally coordinate.)


4.)    If he’s taking too long to exchange contact info politely cut the convo short. He should at least try to seal the deal before you leave. If he doesn’t right then I beat he’ll find you before the night is over.


5.)    Most important of all remain charming! You’ll definitely stay on his mind!


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  1. Sid Johnson

    September 13, 2013 at 10:36 pm

    Good article. Also ladies be sure that you have the man’s attention. I’ve lost count, how many times a woman has flirted with me and I didn’t know. Trust me. If it appears that a man is not interested, he actually may not know that someone special is mutually interested.

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