RHOA: Poor Poor Porsha

The Atlanta Housewives have made their return and the ladies are gearing up for another season’s worth of shade under the peach tree. After watching the first two episodes I had more than a comments, questions and concerns about Porsha Stewart.

We all know that Porsha has become the butt of the proverbial joke that was her marriage. Her husband, Kordell Stewart, filed for divorce (of which she learned about on Twitter) and put her out of their home. How much is a dumb pretty girl supposed to take?

But is Porsha finally ready to fight fire with fire? She began the season by fueling the gay rumors that have followed Kordell since the days of his NFL career. But I’m calling shenanigans. Had Porsha really believed the rumors, why would she agree to marry him at all?  Besides doesn’t she recall us seeing those scenes of them playing happily in their jacuzzi as married couples do? It sure seemed like her husband was attracted to her then.

Did her family have her back? If Porsha’s mom was anything like Mama Joyce her daughter would have known what the streets were saying well before she said “I do.”  It looks like Kordell promised Princess Porsha a life in the lap of luxury and unfortunately her fairy tale turned into a nightmare. He deserves some public shaming if you ask me. Maybe this is just her way of rebounding and attempting to save face. She’s clearly been hurt. So if attempting to regain herself means dragging her ex, I’m here for it. Porsha once seemed like a meek little lamb and it’s nice to see her snapping back at her enemies.

New wig, new  attitude

Kordell isn’t the only who should be on high alert. I’ve seen Porsha all but check Kenya twice. Maybe being made a spectacle can cause a change in a woman. One thing is for sure, this group of women can be a tough pill to swallow. A weak woman would be outsmarted out-dressed, and outmatched.

Last season Porsha didn’t seem like she had the chops to hang with a crew so cold. (Flashback to that limo scene in Vegas.) But straight out the gate in her second season she seems to be taking no prisoners. It must be that pixie frock she’s rocking. (We know you didn’t cut your hair silly girl!)

Needless to say the Atlanta girls always give me the most life. Beyond the bright lights and designer bags you do get to see their characters bloom or bust under some real  life conditions. I’ll be watching. Will you?

Jocelyn Renee (aka Chillary Banks) is a no-nonsense ego blogger currently splitting her time between Atlanta and Detroit. Her blog, TooPrissy.com is a hodgepodge of everything awesome with a side of slander. When she’s not chipping away at her entrepreneurial goals you can find her nursing a mild addiction to gummy bears. Follow her on Twitter @PrissyJP.


    • Ms. Nix

      November 13, 2013 at 10:58 am

      This season is turned up!!! Its getting better and better each episode.

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