#RHOA: Truth, Texts and Lies: Did Apollo and Kenya Really Hook Up in LA?

Phaedra and Apollo 1

This season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta has been on fire! I’m back this week to discuss Phaedra & Apollo. Ms. Parks and Mr. Nida aren’t strangers on the blog scene as rumors of infidelity have followed the couple since they rose to #RHOA fame. But this season things are hitting close to home now that another cast member is involved.

After watching last week’s episode I couldn’t help but wonder why a couple with two beautiful boys and busy careers would spend their precious date night rehashing text messages from another woman, specifically Kenya Moore. Apollo’s explanation of the texts and his trip to LA was a typical. Flat out denial with some unnecessary exaggerations. I certainly wouldn’t have believed the entire story. But who would have more reason to lie, Apollo or Kenya?

Phaedra and Apollo

Does Phaedra really see Kenya as a threat to her marriage? Kenya was the one to openly admit during the reunion that Apollo had been texting her. But being that they had bad blood; wouldn’t Phaedra expect Kenya to say and do whatever she could simply to get under her skin? There’s clearly no love lost between them. So why take the word of the enemy over the word of your husband?

Kenya Moore

From this side of the screen I think Phaedra’s insecurities are showing and she’s coming off as a woman that’s struggling to deal with her man’s wandering eye. But I’m sure it’s much easier to paint Kenya as home wrecker rather than to admit on camera how hard it is to keep a young, attractive, and potential fame-whore of a husband on his leash.

This sounds like a prime example on why sugar mamas shouldn’t marry their sugar babies. Some little boys refuse to grow up, no matter how old they get.


Real Housewives of Atlanta – #RHOA

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Apollo Nida


Kenya Moore

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