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If you aren’t tuned into Scandal for all the salacious story lines and steamy love scenes, then you’re most certainly there for the fashion. With the third season only a few days away, one can only wonder what costume designers have in store for fanatical fashion-conscious viewers.

It’s only appropriate that America’s favorite mistress represents her high profile clients with the utmost precision. To say it’s suitable that she represents them with style is an understatement.  Every week we tune in to watch Olivia Pope, the fashionable fixer, flex her super powers all over the District of Columbia. Without disappointment, she slays our screens with a new ensemble that stays true to her signature style.

As I got caught up on all of the drama of season 2, I had to ask myself a few questions how does she do it? And where does she shop? Join me as I relive some of Olivia’s finest moments in fashion during the second season of Scandal.

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Gladiators in Suits

Pope and Associates runs like a well-oiled machine. Every gladiator plays their role & does so with precision. One thing we can say with certainty about Olivia Pope is that, fashionably speaking, she’s solid on her staples. Sleekly suited, stand-out topcoats with a touch of flair, and neutral statement bags, when Olivia shows up for work, she werks!

Like most women playing power roles in politics, Olivia isn’t afraid to slip on a pair of impeccably tailored trousers to conquer her latest feat. But unlike your typical business as usual pants-suit, she emulates a fierce femininity that can’t be challenged. My fashion takeaways from her season 2 work attire were soft, sexy and strong. Let’s not forget that sultry print Escada blouse that she rocked from a long day’s work right into night as she got busy with Captain Jake Ballard. What man could resist a woman so fly?


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All Dressed Up

In the world of politics there’s always an event that will have you vying to be the belle of the ball. Never one to disappoint, Olivia stunned in another Escada number for a client fundraiser. I’ve never seen a woman adorn a black and white gown so effortlessly. Adding insult to injury she sauntered around the room donning a cherry red lip with hair coiffed to perfection, sans date. I would bet more than a few ladies in the room held their man’s hand a little tighter that night.

Mellie Grant should have been holding her man a little bit closer on inauguration day as the awe-worthy Olivia donned a cream Michael Kors number with black lace overlay. It’s clear that Olivia was perfectly prepared to play the role of the other woman as she gifted her lover with a vintage lapel pin worn by presidents come and gone. If you’re going to play the role, you have to dress the part and Ms. Pope nailed it!

Casually Speaking

One of my favorite fashion moments from season 2 was seeing Olivia help Fitz & company map out his State of the Union address at Camp David. This was one of those rare flashback moments where we see Olivia ditch her trousers for dark denim skinny jeans. Staying true to neutrals, the belted waist coat, slinky camisole and stacked heel knee boots proved to be a formula that any fashionista can master. This woman makes walking around the woods look fabulous. Seriously, how does she do it?

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Lounging with Olivia

While Olivia Pope is busy fixing the problems of the DC elite by day, her nights are often spent alone in her apartment munching on popcorn and sipping red wine.  So what does a single girl slip into when her lover is across town lying next to his wife?

Silk and cashmere.

Fine fabrics may not be a substitute for a warm body, but Olivia wears the best all day long. She lounges in luxury, literally. Silk pajama bottoms, cashmere cardigans, and scoop neck tops popped up consistently throughout season 2. Not only are these bed wear choices sensible, they were functional in the event that her lover stopped by to “watch the clock run out” on his marriage.

The Diva knows Details

It would be a mistake to recount Olivia’s finest moments in fashion from season 2 without paying homage to her accessories. She consistently sported a noticeable pair of studs, strong yet feminine gold watch, and on those most fabulous occasions, she brought out those long leather elbow gloves. Want to amp your swag? Follow Olivia’s road map to accessorizing and you’re well on your way!

I’m sitting on the edge of my seat eagerly waiting on the return of Scandal this Thursday on ABC. I’m sure Lyn Paolo, costume designer, has donned Olivia in sleek and chic realness that only Kerry Washington can bring to life. I know I’ll be tuned in with my proverbial white hat on, my wine glass filled and popcorn ready!


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