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In the midst of the return of ABC’s mega hit Scandal it’s only appropriate to spill the tea on a real life scandal I lived. Back in my early college days like any young and impressionable know it all I fell for a man who I thought was the finest thing next to Idris Elba. Yes, ladies I thought he was that fine. Looking back I must have seriously been thirsty for the attention. If I were anymore foolish I probably would be living the life of Olivia Pope minus the clothes, the romance, the money, the agency, and the President.  Well maybe I tried it just a little bit, but I’m sure as hell I was definitely sprung over him.

 idris elba

The first time meeting this man his presence was so captivating and alluring. He had the command of the room from simply stepping in. His frame was tall and lean similar to that of a pro ball player. There’s just something about a tall man who dominates and I know my ladies can agree. Fortunately, nothing spectacular was shared between us the first time due to his inconsistency and lack of maturity. He was the kind of guy that had at least one eye patrolling for his next bait.

Our second encounter changed everything. I grew up and got a little wiser, so I thought. While working my weekend retail job there he was standing right before me with another beside him. Quickly I panicked and turned my head as my stomach sunk. I played coy and proceeded to bury myself in a pile of clothes. For some reason all the “what ifs” came rushing forward. After work I did the dumbest move and sent him a text. We mutually agreed on meeting to have some sort of “closure.” I may have wanted a conclusion, but truth be told we never shared anything special to close.


After agreeing to meet at a local Starbucks plans changed. I ended up at his home. We began catching up and discussed the past and our current situations. I was single and he confirmed that the guy by his side at the mall was indeed his boyfriend. During our conversation he stated, “You know if we continued all this would have been for you” (referring to his home). I was speechless and then began to fall for the game. Minutes later there we were in the bedroom kissing fully clothed and bursting with passion. I recall whispering to him “I wish this was real.” Then I gathered my things and prepared to leave for work. As I was heading for the door he stopped me and asked for my return that evening for dinner. Of course being the greedy person that I am without a second thought I accepted the request.

Once making it back to his place he waited like a gentleman, so we could have dinner together. In my signature style I fell asleep on the couch only to wake up the next morning beside him in bed. We didn’t have sex, but it was still memorable to be with him. Preparing to head back to my dorm room he leaned over and gave me my first forehead kiss. I swear my soul melted right then and there. Never in my life had I ever felt so special. He treated me a way that I only dreamt of. That very moment I could relate to Olivia Pope. Blinded to the reality and thinking that was who and what I waned. I wanted a man like him to give me my worth. My mind was made up and I didn’t care anymore about his boyfriend. I justified my actions because technically I knew him first, and we owed it to ourselves. I fooled myself in believing the lie until life slapped me square in the face with sense.

Later that week we made plans to get together again. By this time his boyfriend was back in town. I got home from my internship early to prepare for our date. I gave him a call and got no answer. Then I followed with a text and also got not answer. I sat there for hours only to wake up the next morning still in the same spot. Glancing at my phone there was no text no missed call. I finally saw I was never this man’s priority and I’ll always be 2nd or 3rd depending on the day. I suddenly was reliving exactly what I experienced three years prior. Waiting in my clothes yet again. Honestly, that was exactly what I deserved for messing with a man who wasn’t mine.

oliva pope

That experience allowed me to understand Olivia Pope whole-heartedly. In a perfect world no one wants to be the other. When investing your feelings into someone you only want the same reciprocated. Olivia once stated in the episode properly title ‘The Other Woman’,

What you want is 15 Christmases on December 25th, 15 birthdays, 15 years of sleeping next to him and waking up with him. You want anniversary dinners, you want parent-teacher conferences, and school plays. You want fights over whose turn it is to wash the dishes and walk the dog. What you want, what you’ve always wanted, is to be part of his life.”

This was the characters truth, Olivia’s truth, and mine. Believe me when I say these words echoed straight through my soul. Nonetheless, I’m so grateful he never texted or called back I’ve gained so much without him!


“Thank God you blew it!”


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