Sexy Shopping Guide for Your Man

A Special Gift Idea for Your Man gift

Well it’s that time of year again. Yes, bring on the Holiday cheer and the pain of trying to figure out the perfect gift for your man. What do get the mature man of today?

Let’s see there are the traditional gifts like his favorite cologne or maybe a nice shirt and tie and don’t forget the slacks. You might even go with a nice watch but chances are you have done these gifts before only bringing the polite smile and the “Oh thank you honey”. Let’s look at some gift options to spice up the holidays shall we? Instead of the gifts he is used to why not get him something sexy? Get him something you would like to see him in. Men are always buying lingerie for you ladies I say there is nothing wrong with turn about being fair play. Get that right gift and you just might get all the play you want come Christmas night.

A Special Gift Idea for Your Man drawers

Buy him some nice comfortable but sexy underwear. Hey a man loves a good fitting pair of draws and ladies there is no reason you can’t love them as well. Underwear made for men today can make even the not so gifted male look like his package car is nicely packed. Get your sexy on this holiday and then some.  You can choose from designers such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, DKNY, 2xist or those oldie but goody favorites like Jockey, Hanes, BVD or Fruit of the looms. Ladies the choice is yours you can select boxer briefs or choose from an assortment of hip hugging butt and front forming briefs.

So ladies could your man use underwear make over? Will seeing your man in some tight nice fitting draws make you want to say Shut the front door and show momma whatcha’ working with? I’ve done the research for you so click the Macy’s logo and look until your hormones say yes them’s the one’s right there!



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