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The path to happiness is littered with ex-boyfriends, confusing career choices, and lingering insecurities for an ambitious young woman in this touching, romantic debut.

Before leaving for London on an ill-fated business trip, Jules Sinclair had the kind of argument with her beau Marcus where many terrible things were said. Some were said only to hurt the other person, others were heat-of-the-moment slips of the tongue that could never be taken back. All were guaranteed relation­ship enders. Now that she has arrived back in L.A. and is headed toward the home she shares with Marcus in Beverly Hills, the only thing London has cleared up for Jules is that she does not want out of the relationship. But how does she get back in? Even if she knew the magic words to repair all of the harm, will Marcus even be there to hear them when she puts her key in the door?

It’s the perfect storm that only Jules could have created for herself. Maybe in figuring out how she got into this mess, she can save whatever is left of her future with Marcus.

Filled with tender moments and strong, relatable characters, Waiting for Jules is a charming tale about the necessity of mend­ing the past while on the road to happily ever after.


My Review:


The book was a slow starter, but once you get past the first two introductory chapters Tamara N. Houston reels you in and hooks you. She has you sitting on the edge of your seat eager to know more about the heroine – Jules Sinclair.

Jules is a career driven, talented, sexy goal oriented woman. She might be you, hell she might be me,  or she could be someone who we all know.

She attempts at best to navigate through life while balancing it all; life, love and her career. Just when she feels that she’s mastered the art of healing and moving forward from a painful breakup an unexpected meddler knocks her ten feet back to that dark place that she ran from years before.

Knowing her story all too well there were times throughout the book where even I wanted to reach in, snatch her up and tell her “Girl get it together.” But then it felt like I was talking to myself. I’m sure you’ve been there before, in that moment where you make rash decisions on matters of the heart and the consequences that may accompany them.

Oh and let’s not forget her best gay friend Richard who is wise beyond his years. He’s a nurturer at heart and Jules’ voice of reasoning. He’s that one friend we all have that we value their opinion even if what they’re saying feels like it’s a wake the hell up call. Richard was that for Jules.

Now if you’re anything like me; when I read a book that is so compelling to the point where I think that I’m having a conversation with my best girlfriends I mark pages as points of reference to flip back to if ever in need of a reminder or valuable tools to get me past a moment. This was one of those kinds of books.

It’s definitely placed on the must read list.


My Rating: 4star



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