On The Hush: Soulphisticated Ladies Author-Jaha Knight

 This month I’m conversing with Jaha Knight, author of the Soulphisticated Ladies Serial

1. Your serial, Soulphisticated Ladies features friends Selah, Moria, Gennifer and Vashti—what was your experience on creating these dynamic women and do you think their relationship struggles and triumphs reflect women of today?

I do think the Soulphisticated Ladies struggles and triumphs are that of women today.  Their stories are rather timeless in that you can pluck women from any point and time and they probably know someone who has gone through the same situations as the women in the book.  My experience creating these ladies has been as much of a roller coaster for me as it is for the reader.  Some days I love their choices, sometimes I cringe as I write what they’re up to.

2. Keeping secrets and broken loyalty play a role in your serial, do you feel that when women share close sisterhoods that there is a tendency to keep the truth hidden from each other?

As women we are more attuned to the temperatures of our friends’ emotions.  We tend to know what will make them happy, sad and what will cause them to be harder than necessary on themselves.  When it comes to truth telling or being honest with a friend, I do think, if they’re a good friend, we don’t want to hurt them unnecessarily.  Even when we have to have a conversation that’s full of honesty, we do so with reluctance but knowing in the end it’ll be better for them to know.

The only other reason I can think of not being honest with a friend would involve embarrassment.  We don’t want the friend to think lesser of us or to be diminished somehow in their eyes.  If it’s a true friend, it’s a baseless fear but if they’re not so much it will affect the friendship.  Everyone wants to be accepted for who they are with little judgment.

3. Which relationship portrayed in your series would you say challenged you the most during the writing process?

The relationships that challenged me the most were Selah and Thorne at times, Moria and Sloan at times and believe it or not, the friendssoulphisticated ladieship between the ladies themselves.  I didn’t want some of the things that happened in the book to happen at all, but this was the story that was in me to tell about this group of characters.

4. Which leading character do you feel most connected to and does your character choice share a similar ideal about relationships as you do? Why or why not?

I connected most with Selah and Jacinta.  I couldn’t choose just one; their personalities are similar to mine in some ways.  No, we don’t share similar ideas about relationships.

5. In your opinion, what would you say is the best relationship advice?

Ha! I’m great at dating advice, not relationship advice.  I will just say that for a couple to have a good relationship, keep your relationship details between the two of you.  Compromise without losing yourself, love without restraint but within reason and communicate well so you always know what page the two of you are on.  Hopefully you are either on the same page, or within a few pages of each other, in the same chapter of the same book.

6. Which character would you trade lives with for 24 hours and why?

I would trade places with Jacinta.  This was a tough one because for certain reasons, I’d say Vashti but Jacinta won out.  Jacinta is just an intriguing character.

7. What is the overall message you want readers to take away with them after reading the Soulphisticated Ladies series?

I wrote this book about women who are soulphisticated underneath but who are struggling with the consequences of their choices.  Based on the reviews and the emails, so many women identify with one or a couple of the women in the book.  My overall message with Soulphisticated Ladies is, if you see yourself in the book now (circumstances, issues, etc.) you may need to make some changes.

I’m a drama author when I write fiction.  Soulphisticated Ladies has romance and suspense but overall it is a drama novel; your life should not reflect that of a drama novel.  It’s not healthy.

8. Do you see yourself extending the Soulphisticated Ladies serial?

A serial novel has seasons and this is season one, with four episodes (like a television show).  I do see extending Soulphisticated Ladies for a minimum of six seasons.  Season two will be out later this year.

9. What do you have in store for readers next?

Next is a romance series, Suite by Design.  They are stand alone novels that should begin in March.  There are five books in that series and some characters from Suite By Design will find themselves in Broad Wall, and knocking on the door of the Soulphisticated Ladies at some point.

10. Where can readers learn more about you and your work?

They can learn more by joining my mailing list on www.jahaknight.com They can find out more about the Soulphisticated Ladies on http://www.theslserial.com.



Soulphisticated Ladies can be purchased and enjoyed through Amazon. Click the photo to purchase.



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