Spring Ahead-Five Things To Refresh Your Relationship

Five Things To Refresh Your Relationship


1. Be more attentive to your partner’s needs; re-establish the practice of touching. Kisses, hugs or even just holding hands can help to provides comfort and security with one another.

The art of touching

2. Plan date nights as a way to reconnect with one another.

Date Night

3. Remember why you fell in love with your partner.

Reason You Fell In Love

4. Show some appreciation for the little things your partner does that seem to go unnoticed.


5. Have some playful time a little fun helps with creating intimacy between you.

Couples Playing

These few things are great ways to have better communication thus improving and strengthening your connection.

Take Care Everyone,

Larry Miller

Larry D. Miller has over 20 yrs. in the field of crisis intervention as a call center Supervisor for a national crisis hotline. Larry has authored a book titled "How to cheat and not get busted" is currently available at: www.authorthouse.com and many online book retailers. Larry is not only a contributing writer for Ms Nix in the MIx he also generates his own blogs and facebook pages. Larry enjoys spending time with his family, writing, coaching baseball and playing golf.
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