Think About It Thursday: Are You Thirsty?

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So we have to buy the new dress, new shoes, eyelashes, get nails and hair done, right? Why again? Who are we trying to impress? Whose attention are we trying to gain and why? Why do we feel like we “need” to do all of this in search of attention? Now I’m not saying don’t properly represent yourself, I want you to brush your teeth, comb your hair, paint your nails, put on a bit of lipstick, throw on something classy and step out with a spring in your step and a great attitude. I just don’t want you caught up in all the hoopla of trying to “catch” a man.

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A man cannot be caught like a fish, well he can, but who wants to lure him with bait only knowing that once he’s out of the water, he’s gonna suffocate and die only to be consumed. Rather I propose to be seen and let him seek you; let him see what is so different about her? If you are out doing your own business you will be recognized without any “extra” batting of the eyes or going out of your way to impress. I know what you’re thinking ladies, yes men are physical, yes they are moved by what they see, but is it my job to get his attention only by the outer image? I would think not, if that were the case, there are plenty of men down at the strip club for lunch today, many of them claim to be in relationships, but have the “need” to see naked women for lunch under their claim of being “visual” beings. So me being all gussied up for the attention of a man is not much different from the women who choose to slide up and down poles to gain his attention and his money.

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Make yourself different; know that you possess all the goodness a man can desire from within first and foremost. I would love to see what Eve was sportin’ back in the days of Eden… Adam fell so hard for her that he was kicked out of the Garden for his actions. All I’m saying ladies is let’s not be so quick to spend all this money to adorn our outward appearance while forgetting that the real jewels are within us and that any man in his right mind would choose us if he took the time to know us.

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I know that when I’m eighty, I’m not going to worry about how I look when I go to the grocery store, the mall or the movies, because either you’re going to love me for me or you’re not gonna be bothering me. So just make sure that when you adorn yourself, make sure you’re doing it for the woman in the mirror and not to please some fantasy of another, make sure you are happy with you first then get out and strut your stuff. Don’t forget to be choosy, don’t just jump at the first man who gives a compliment-don’t be thirsty!!!


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