Think About It Thursday: Cheaters Shouldn’t Win!!!


So, you’re dating and everything is going smooth.. It’s honest and it feels right, so you open up your heart and you start spending more and more time together… Now you’re ready to take it to the next level and you become intimate with each other. Slowly things begin to change, you spend less time together, the phone calls get shorter and shorter by the day, you get random “accidental” text messages like “ready for round 2?”


Your suspicions get the best of you and you begin to follow your lover and discover they’re cheating on you!!!


Would you be comfortable hiring someone to do the dirty work? Dirty things like put a few Snicker bars in their gas tank? Nothing like an engine full of chocolate, nougat and peanuts! To keep your hands “clean” there’s a company who handles  small “problems” such as this, would you hire them for this task???

Private Eye

The Divorced Diva

“Luv Still Exist”


Happily divorced mother of one. I date when I find a worthy partner. I love to talk about relationships, work through problems with people and remind them of their options. I'm very open and willing to share all of my experiences to help others.
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