Tips On How To Keep It Hot In Your Relationship This Year #NSFW


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Are you keeping it hot in your relationship?

Hello all you lovers young and old. I hope the first three months of this new year have you still feeling the effects of that first New Years kiss. As those of us that happen to be married or in long-term and even recently dating relationships discover there comes a point where the relationship hits a drag.

This might be as a result of the daily grind of everyday life but for whatever the reason might be that your relationship just doesn’t have that oomph here are some tips to help put you on track to keeping it hot this year.
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And away we go…

  1. Keep her or him in the forefront of your mind.
  2. Buy her some flowers just because. Buy him something special to remind him of you.
  3. Compliment her style of dress and sexiness. Thank him for something he might have done.
  4. Take her out at least twice a month on a romantic date. Surprise him with a few of his favorite things.
  5. Be spontaneous with your passion. Surprise her spin her around and give her a mind-blowing kiss. Give him something to remember like sex in a not so usual place and time.
  6. Keep up your appearances. Let her know what she has and what she is getting. Surprise him by giving him a shave while wearing something sexy.
  7. Explore her mind and the depthness of her soul. Acknowledge her intellect and get to know her purpose. Be his listening ear and his unyielding support base.
  8. Plan a Saturday evening cuddled up watching movies eating pop corn followed by foreplay and lovemaking.
  9. Make her breakfast on a Sunday morning to show appreciation for Saturday night. Wake him up with oral sex and really get his day off to a flying start.
  10. Take time out to get away and explore your erotic side. Use this time to enjoy lustful passionate sex. Be adventurous but within reason of one another’s boundaries.

It’s getting hot in here

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Hopefully by keeping with these few tips your relationship will keep or find it’s sizzle.

Have fun you crazy people!





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