What Do You Really Want

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So Ladies, Gentlemen and everyone else… What do you really want?

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As a child we were taught to be on the lookout for a Prince, usually you’d recognize him cause he’d be on a white horse. Well hopefully our “fairy tale” was updated to reality and not the TV kind! But really, what does your “happy ending” look like? Are you still waiting for Prince Charming? Are you waiting for the one who’s gonna take care of your every financial need? Or perhaps he’ll bed you and burn those socks off your feet… Or maybe he’ll just be a MAN that handles his business and lets you handle yours… So what do you really want? How do you expect your “fairy tale” to take form?

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Well ladies if we are looking for the man that’s gonna let us (yes “let/allow” us to) shop all day, drink champagne, lay by the pool all day and travel, we have to know how that type “looks”. I don’t mean visually either, I’m talking about how does he carry himself? How can you pick him out of the crowd? Well most likely he’ll be very successful, great business man, confident and insecure at the same time. Yes, most men that want to “take” care of you are controlling and will not allow you to be strong… So with that said please take note:


You’ve got to decide what your currency will be!

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Please know that when you talk to women who has married into money usually had very little control of anything financial. They did what they were told, they knew their limits, and they did what was expected if they wanted to keep their lifestyle. So please, please, please prepare yourself for this exchange, most likely you will trade in who you are to become what he needs you to be. And believe me he has no room for you at the top, nor will you be his priority; you will always be under his foot dressed in your runway gown and your Christian Louboutin’s!!!

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Perhaps you’re a working girl and just decided that all you need is a man who can love your body down. Well please don’t anticipate this exchange to go further than just that. You’d might be better off hiring an experienced Gigolo to fulfill those lustful needs so that your heart doesn’t get attached. Sex is just that SEX for a man! We as women romanticize everything, and I know you’re shaking your head “NO” but you might not right now, but give it a little more time and your little heart will be in pain because you want this “tool” to be the man of your dreams because it “feels soooo good”! NOT!!! Knock it off; it is exactly what it is…

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Now for the woman who just want a good man…One, who pays his bills on time, lives a clean life drama free, takes care of his children and spends quality time in their raising, one who knows he should open that door… Yes Ladies, this is the man you’ve been waiting for all of your life! So why isn’t he sitting at your table? Well let me guess… You’ve taken in every stray dog attempting to “clean” them up, get them “fitted” and trying to mold them into a Man, right? Well, everyone has their own interpretation of their situation; I’ll give you that…

Nevertheless, so here we are… Know what you want, right it down, and please be realistic… Such as:

~Loves GOD and follows HIS lead
~Loves family and all it entails
~Heterosexual man without a sexually transmitted disease
~A man who’s never been on the Downlow
~ He has a heart like GOD
~A man equipped to love me
~He’s respectful at all times
~He’s grateful
~He’s gentle, kind, understanding and patient
~He loves children and family
~Great business man with fair practices
~A man who is easy to share himself and everything he possesses

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That’s just an example of what my list looks like. The only currency I trade in is RESPECT! I mean I’m the Aretha Franklin representative for relationships! If you and your mate cannot be respectful to each other, to your opinions, to your misunderstandings, to you desires, your needs, your communications than what is it all for? If someone loves you they will respect you! Don’t accept anything less, stop allowing the “place setters” block you from the man that was built to love you, the man that GOD put to sleep to make you! Anything less than REAL is a sacrifice you can’t afford… Sometime we have to just be still, be picky and wait for the “ONE” and not give into the “right now” one…

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