Wondering Wednesday: Are You In Love With A Cheater?



You’ve loved him like no other… You’ve devoted your time, your heart, your spirit and your body… No matter how much you give your commitment is not matched… You want to walk away, but you’ve invested too much to leave now, right? Does this sound familiar? Are you always giving until you have nothing more to render? Only to discover he hasn’t matched you because his concentrations are elsewhere… So he’s cheated, what does that mean to you?

Cheater 1
In your mind you battle yourself, you accept the pain of betrayal, but you shun the idea of leaving… After all he’s only a man, what more could you expect? Don’t all men cheat every now and again? Weren’t men built to be polygamists anyway? So who can I blame, GOD? So the cycle begins… The excuses for bad behavior ensue, sleepless nights of worry, anxiety, unsure of your future because of an incident out of your control… So what do you do? Move on? Stay? Well everyone makes mistakes, without a doubt! Forgiveness is necessary no matter what you plan to do…

Cheater 2

Here are some things to consider:
Women can be polygamists too
Cheating is a choice
Cheating does not happen over-night, you must be drawn and enticed or seeking to find something
Your body is yours to protect/to nurture
Demand respect for your body, heart and mind
Since when did you “need” a man
Being single is being satisfied with dating yourself
Set your standards of expectations
Don’t allow anyone to put your life in danger by not honoring your body, mind, spirit
Love protects, it honors, it nurtures, it’s honest, it shares but not at the expense of hurting the one it loves…

Cheater 3

So allowing a man/woman to abuse your body by using it for sexual gratification is as ridiculous as contemplating life with a Pimp… Understand that people can only do to you what you allow them to do-nothing more, nothing less! Being in love with another and being in love with yourself should be in the same ball park! There’s no way to be in love with someone else if you don’t love you! Loving and protecting yourself is your first priority!

Never seek that which you aren’t ready to find. After all, the truth can only set free those who are able to withstand the sheer devastation of reality…

The DivorcedDiva

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Happily divorced mother of one. I date when I find a worthy partner. I love to talk about relationships, work through problems with people and remind them of their options. I'm very open and willing to share all of my experiences to help others.


  1. Travvys

    June 26, 2013 at 3:20 pm

    This was great, as I have just experienced a similar situation. Still struggling with accepting it; definitely a process.

    • Ms. Nix

      June 26, 2013 at 3:24 pm

      Let me encourage you to take the time you need to accept it and deal with your feelings. Heal yourself, please! If there is anything I can do please contact me directly msnixinthemix@gmail.com

      • Travvys

        June 26, 2013 at 3:26 pm

        Thank you!

    • Ms. Nix

      June 26, 2013 at 12:11 pm

      I too have been there and done that. I have vowed to never do it again! It takes a piece(s) of you away and I worked hard to be whole…

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