WONDERING WEDNESDAY: How Important Are Your Kids?

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Everyone seems to think they’re the best parents in the world, but really what makes you the best? I ask this because so many single parents are taking care of their children alone and many times without support of the other parent or anyone else for that matter. So the kids are introduced and exposed to more situations than if they were to have both parents in the household. As I look around at friends and acquaintances, I find that being the “best” parent is usually a title that the parent gives themselves. In most cases, I don’t even think the child was asked to give a sound review or opinion of the circumstances or situations they’ve been exposed to.

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I find that many single parents, male and female, expose their children to many possible “mates” in the name of LOVE & DATING. I see that men and women are invited home to meet children before the adults even know each other well enough to be comfortable exposing their children to such characters. I’ve also seen where the adults add insult to injury and decide to drink and have a “good” time in the presence of their kids. So not only do they not know these men/women you bring home, but now you’re going to watch your Mommy/Daddy entertain this person with alcohol? I know I’m going to get some backlash from this one, so many “feel” like they’re doing the “right” thing by being at home with their shenanigans.

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I’m the first to say that no one said the road was going to be easy, but they did say it would be worth it. I know my child is worth it, she is worth knowing that she is the most important person in my life after GOD. Yes, do I have to sacrifice some of my social life, some of my dating? Absolutely, but I knew that when I decided to bring another person into this world. I think it’s high time we grow up, stop chasing this fantasy of falling in love at first sight, raise our children in the safest environment possible and most of all live an example in front of them. WE ARE THEIR ROLE MODELS! They should know that life is not all dancing and drinking, its hard work, commitment to goals, patience and most times its business before pleasure if we hope to have the life we desire. Let us put our children first, let’s not be the abuse that we are to protect them from. 

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