Wondering Wednesday: Is This a Mid-Life Crisis…?

Is This a Mid-Life Crisis image 1 When you look in the mirror, you don’t completely recognize yourself… You no longer know what you think you may want… You’re not completely sure what you need, you don’t know what is gonna make you feel better… What’s going to get you out of this stink you’ve been in? Still not sure? The more you think about it, the more you regret almost everything you’ve done in this life, accomplishments included… The more you think on each of life’ s highlights you get a bit more frustrated, a bit more angered by the why’s and how’s and especially on the “how could I have done ______….” As you continue to ponder on how you’re going to get out of these endless feelings, how you are going to recover from the endless thoughts of hopelessness, loneliness, misunderstandings… Right now no one understands what you’re feeling, what you’re going through…You feel like you’ve lost more than you’ve gained… How could you bare to lose any more? Haven’t you given up enough? How many more sacrifices are you expected to make? When are you going to get to live out your dreams?

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When you realize you’ve waited long enough, you’ve given far too much, you’ve waited for someday and it never came, you’ve been looking to the future, but you only feel as if it’s also left you behind… So you decide you’re gonna take life into your own hands… You put your house up for sale, look into purchasing a condo on the beach, trade in your four-door car for a two-seater convertible, you book a flight to paradise and you disappear from your mundane life for two weeks… You return sun-kissed, rested up and a few pounds lighter but you still haven’t found your peace, but you’re convinced you’re well on your way… You meet someone who made you look twice, you figure what the hell, I’m gonna take a chance and I’m gonna let my guard down and just live, I want to feel everything around me, I want to be ALIVE again, as if I could be twenty all over (minus all the bad decisions)… So you do, you live life to the fullest with no regrets, you do what you’ve longed to do for so very long and when you’re done with traveling, buying, drinking, dining and driving, you’re still searching… You’re still looking for that one thing that will make this itch go away, that one moment when you say, yes, that’s the spot; scratch it harder and you find relief… But when? When will you find that moment when everything is as it “should” be?

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Sometimes what we need is sitting inside of us waiting to be discovered. Sometimes the peace we look for, search for sometimes the majority of our lives was there all along… We forget that we are spiritual beings… We have lived our lives as “surface” people for so long, worrying about what we look like, how we sound, how much money we make, what we can buy, who we think we are and who we know… When we should be asking ourselves who we really are when all the make-up is off, when the weave is out, when the facade is gone, can we live with ourselves? Can we enjoy our own company? Can we be still and be at peace without all the things we thought we needed to be “somebody?” Can you rest well knowing that you are important, you are invaluable and you are irreplaceable even when your bank account doesn’t appear to be what it should? How about when you look around and take in where you live? How do you really feel about SELF? We’ve got to get to a point when we surrender to what our spirit needs; our spirit needs to be feed… Our mind needs fuel to believe that we are much more than the materials that we’ve allowed to validate us… We’ve got to turn things around for ourselves, but especially for our children, we cannot continue to allow them to be measured by material gains…. Otherwise we only have pimps and prostitutes to look forward to taking over our world, the ones who will lead our future, and the ones who decide if we are even worthy of keeping alive…


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