Wondering Wednesday: Raped???


So many men start off their young lives open to love, trust and belief in the beauty of relationships. Some of them experience the rug being pulled from right under their feet after they’ve trusted the woman of their dreams! Their love interest rips the band-aide right off their heart when the truth is revealed..

Blissfully loving one another, never apart, always connected… I remember being young and in love and not needing to eat because I was sooo happy and fulfilled with love alone… We all remember that part of our lives.

Rape 4

So Bryan’s Girlfriend Simone had a wedding to go to on the other coast. She spent 5 days with old friends and met many new ones. As the weekend proceeded, there were parties every night leading up to the wedding. One of those nights Simone had about 3 drinks and returned to her bestfriend’s apartment with a group of people there for the wedding. At some point after Simone passed out, she awoke to a man on top of her trying to have sex with her. She didn’t fight, she didn’t scream, she didn’t try to stop him… This man succeeded in having intercourse with her. When she awoke the next morning, she didn’t speak a word of it to anyone, not her bestie, not a friend, relative and definitely not her boyfriend Bryan. Meantime, Simone didn’t miss a beat, she was at every event with a smile on her face, supportive and friendly.. Even to the man (Demonte’) that took advantage of her while she was half sleep. No one suspected anything negative, deplorable, or down right animalistic happened that weekend. Simone and Demonte’ were both in the wedding and all went as expected.

Rape 1

The week after returning from her trip, she tells Bryan that she was taken advantage of, that she was sexually violated by a man… She didn’t give a name at the time. She said she didn’t tell anyone, she just went about every day as if everything was fine. Bryan was enraged and demanded that she tell him who it was so he can even the score. She was adamant about leaving it alone, keeping it in the past and not stirring up trouble.. Bryan is beyond heated, now he’s thinking maybe she wanted to be with this guy, maybe it’s something she does and she didn’t know how to break it to him… Why didn’t she scream? Why didn’t she tell her friends? Why did she decide to tell her boyfriend Bryan and not anyone she knew when it happened? What do you think? Was she raped? Or was she experimenting, having a bit of “traditional” fun with people in the wedding party? It’s your call, tell me what this scenario sounds like to you…

The DivorcedDiva

“Luv Still Exist”


Rape 2


Rape 3

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    • Ms. Nix

      July 11, 2013 at 12:26 am

      No one ever knows what they are going to do or how they will respond until placed in the situation. Sometimes thinking strategically can mean the difference between life and death.

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