Wondering Wednesday: What is a Woman’s Worth?

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 With that said, LOVE should be an even playing field, but it’s far from that…

We are a male dominant society and many times, women are not as cherished as they should be, many times they are used and tossed away like trash…

People will only let you treat them as you allow them, never think otherwise.

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Many women helped as nurses during wars, they were called upon because who else could touch you and comfort you with merely a word or two? Who else knew how to hold your hand and tell you that this soon shall pass? Women were allowed to be women then; they were admonished for their caring ways…

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When you think about your Mother, what’s your first though? How about your Sister? Your Aunts? Your God Mother’s? Who are the women who have molded your life, your character? Were these women a steady foundation of love and truth? Did their arms hold you when you were sick? Did they cook for you when you were hungry? Did they wipe your tears when you were sad? What is a WOMAN worth to you?

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As a society of more women than men, for some reason some men feel as though they are expendable. I wonder if it’s because they may feel the same way about their mother, sister or aunt. When meeting men, or people in general, learning about their past, their upbringing is very important. Who says your past doesn’t tell your future? If you were raised by a mother who didn’t show you much love or criticized her son constantly, you may never get the love you need from this man, let alone the affection every woman desires. 

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One question that begs to be answered daily for me is what is a woman’s worth to you personally? I ask that without words to my daughter, to my lover, to all of my friends. I am WOMAN, I am LOVE, I am COMPASSION, I am GRACE, I am FORGIVING, and I am KIND. So what am I to you? I know who I am and what I represent, but am I relaying this message successfully? As women, we tend to be the most misunderstood species ever. People are so quick to say we are “moody”; we must be “PMSing” because we’re not being so kind. Many times as women, we have taken on more than we can bare, but we refuse to allow anyone to be forgotten, we want everyone to get the care that they need at any cost.



a woman's worth image 6Sure, we are highly emotional and we have hormones just as men do, but many times we’re “not ourselves” due to an action that has not been addressed. Many times as women, we take on the burdens of others, we take the stress and our motive is to always make it better for “everyone” for this is the goal to a “happy” home, right? Not always. We many know what we are, we know what we can give, we know our capabilities, but do we allow others to give to us? Do we allow others the opportunity to take care of us, to show us their love? What could we do to show the women in our lives that we love them and appreciate all they’ve done, do, will do and all they’ve sacrificed?

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