Wondering Wednesday: Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire!

where there s smoke there s fire

Where there’s smoke there’s fire!

Ladies if you see some signs that things ain’t all the way right in your relationship, believe it!

Let me tell you a true story…
Dating this man taught me that there are no limits to a narcissistic sociopath. He will wine you, dine you, introduce you to his family, his friends, he will go as far is asking to meet your parents! But what you will realize is that he can’t hold his “stories” together. His life is literally falling down around him and he has nothing to hold onto accept his lies of reality. This man was living way more than a double life. As I began to look into his world, I discovered he had many relationships and marriages. I discovered he had five children with three different women. (You may say, what’s the big deal? Most men today have children with several women. But ladies, this should not be the standard! We have learned to accept garbage as possibilities, unless we expect to be homeless and eat from the trash we should change our expectations quickly!)

Man with Baby
Well one major issue was the first child was conceived while her mother was underage (16) and he was in his twenties. Three of the others were from his first marriage, and the last only two was conceived with another ex-girlfriend who “wanted to raise a baby alone,” according to him…

Now as we started dating I noticed a lot of his “exes” were coming out the wood work asking to have three-some and wanted to go one more round in the sheets. He said he didn’t understand why… Hmmm… Well the reason was he hadn’t cut off their relationships… He was still involved with them sexually… Of course he didn’t tell me that, I had to figure it out…


In the meantime I discovered he was still married to a woman in Hawaii… Well this really made sense cause he calls Hawaii his second home. It’s imperative today to LISTEN, WATCH and WAIT before you peel off those panties! No casual sex ladies, we need to exhibit self-control… Stop thinking you learn someone in 30 days, some women don’t know who they’ve married after being together for years!

So ladies, please know that where you smell smoke, there’s a fire burning not far away! Make sure that fire doesn’t end in your panties!!! Protect your hearts, minds and especially your COOKIE!!!


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