Wondering Wednesday: Women vs. Girls

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Where are our WOMEN today? Where can you find them? The grocery store? In church? At our schools? Teaching our children? In our hospitals? On the street? If you notice, I didn’t ask where the “real” women are because either you are a woman or a girl. The same is for a man, he either is or he isn’t, there is nothing in between. We all know there are some keen differences between a boy and a man just like a girl and a woman… What separates the boys from the men or the girls from the women?


Here are some examples

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Boy or Man

A boy will have sex without a condom, get you pregnant, ask you to have an abortion and say it’s not his baby. A man will use a condom with/without your consent, if he should get you pregnant you would discuss the matter and weigh your options as adults, he would immediately claim the child knowing his sexual actions with you could easily result in creating a baby.

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Girl or Woman…

A girl will allow many things in her life without question. She will allow a man without intension into her bed just because she could, just because it may be the best lay she’ll ever have… A woman will study a man, she will study his actions, she will test his resolve, she will ask his intention, and she will wait to see if his actions match his words… A woman will call it like she sees it, she will not be caught up in an emotional fantasy of how she’d like him to be, but she will judge him for who he is, what he represents… A woman will determine if he is worthy.

We have become very loose when it comes to the reference of a “woman”. We call everyone a woman when we think all it takes is for her to have a vagina. Being a woman is far more that a body part. A woman has heart, she has tenacity, she is not easily influenced, she watches, she studies, she loves with knowledge, she doesn’t cast her jewels among swine, she is careful in her actions knowing that the reaction can be worse. A woman is not easily fooled, she looks at situations with the thoughts of solutions running through her mind, and she is quick on her feet and slow to judge. She is full of compassion and wise beyond her years, she is forgiving, she is planning, and she is looking for the opportunity to shine.

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We have got to get back to becoming WOMEN before we can say we are WOMAN. We have got to regard our spirits, our minds, and our bodies in reverence. We can no longer afford to give our “everything” and be left battered and bruised laying on the street waiting for someone to help us. We must take back what is ours, our lives, our souls, our spirits, our bodies, our minds, our influence and our power. In order for us to be reverenced again, respected again, we must respect ourselves. We must know who we are, what we are capable of, what our purpose is, what is in our hearts, we must know that we are powerful, we must know that we are the light of the world, that GOD put a man to sleep to create us by HIS own hands, that he breathed into  us life. We must live in our power, the power given to us by GOD himself, the power to carry life, deliver life and nurture life. We must walk worthy of the gifts that have been given us as far back as the Garden of Eden. The way we were looked upon my the first man Adam, the man who turned his back on GOD for the gift of Woman he was given. The choice Adam made was for a Woman who did not know how much Adam looked or felt about her, she didn’t realize her power to influence him until the deed was done and they were thrown out of the Garden of Eden. How much more today do we need to realize our power of influence, our power to lure, our power to do what is right, what is beautiful, what is loving, when will we see what everyone has seen in us?

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We must know that we are purposed for greatness and when we realize who we are, why we are here and how much we are worth we will not allow anyone to use us, to humiliate us, to treat us like a whore, to take our spiritual riches and leave no deposit, we will stand firm in our quest to be reverenced, respected, treated with love and adoration, when we remember what it is to be a WOMAN


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