4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Chase a Man by Ariel W.

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4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Chase a Man

 Have you ever been chased by a dog before?

If you have, I’m sure the uncomfortable memory of running aimlessly down the street fills your mind. You may have suffered a few injuries and hopefully, they’re ones you can recover from. With time, you come to understand that all dogs aren’t the same and that every single one doesn’t want to maul you. But the thought still crosses your mind, leaving you cautious upon its approach.

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Now, think of how outrageously wild that dog’s face and body language looked while chasing you. Frightening to say nonetheless.

Did it ever cross your mind that you may embody just an ounce of this roguish behavior while exercising the art of the chase?

 If you’ve never thought of yourself like that crazy neighborhood dog, do it now. Look at the four main reasons why you should never chase a man for the sake of having a man. It’s for your own good, girlfriend.


  1. You weren’t designed to. In an attempt not to get too religious, I won’t quote scripture. But you weren’t built to run behind men. A man’s job is to attain a good woman – you – and realize what he has by honoring, cherishing and loving her. Why would you want to risk messing that up by doing something you’re probably no good at any way? I get it: nights get lonely sometimes. When you’re experiencing this, though, call a friend or write down your thoughts. Anything to distract you works.
  2. You look desperate. And thirsty. And hungry. This is not a good look for any woman who respects herself and wants others to. The look of desperation is one that you’ll never be able to or have a hard time shaking off. Stop it before it even starts.
  3. You might find what you’re looking for. Would all the work that goes into chasing a guy even be worth it if he’s not half of who you thought he’d be? You’d kick your own behind thinking about all the time and energy you wasted doing this. Some of us exchange our youth to follow behind someone who either is not checking for us, don’t deserve us, or don’t want us. Reevaluate the person and purpose for your chase, at the very least.
  4. You’re chasing, he’s running. One reason why dogs chase people is because people [who are afraid] run. Runners don’t want to be chased. They want to get out of the way and find safety fast. Are you chasing a man who’s afraid of a relationship? Understand that he’s running from you and that he probably doesn’t want to be attained. If he doesn’t want to be kept, what are you behind him for anyway?

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The next time you feel yourself lacing up those sneakers for the art of the chase, remember these four reasons why you shouldn’t do it. Your man will come when he’s supposed to and you won’t have to lift a finger, let alone a foot, to get him. Surround yourself with positive people; do happy things that’ll ease your mind of rushing into a relationship. In the meantime, prepare yourself for your man by brushing up on your recipes, exercising and education. The only running you should do is on the treadmill.


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