Welcome Everyone to my blog – In the Mix with Ms. Nix!!! And let me get straight to the point, I created this blog about relationships, dating, love and lust. Simply put this is a question and answer forum – you send me the questions and I am giving you the answers with no shades of gray. My disclaimer (warning) is this DO NOT ASK IF YOU DON’T WANT ME to answer. While I encourage you to ask everything you want and anything you want but expect my OPINION when answering. I want to also request that we respect each other in responding as much as humanly possible but I do have a blog post I will put each week called the Blank Bitch Chronicles. If this offends you, I apologize to you right now but the truth is the truth and I am tired of blank bitches. The best way to help them is to acknowledge their ridiculous nature and eradicate their line of thinking and being. So are you ready for the journey into the fabulous world of love, I hope so and with each post I promise you a new ingredient to add to your mix. So stay tuned in to this blog and stay in the mix with Ms. Nix – cause I’m mixing it like a bowl of soup!

Email me with your questions. If you do not want your name published write anonymously or use another name I WILL NOT divulge your true identity!

I've seen it all, been through it all and I am still standing strong. I have very little patience for foolishness but I have enough compassion and drive to help those who ask for help. Recently, I got tired of seeing women just making some poor choices and having made many mistakes in my life; I am here to help you out!